BQE rip squeak, cree edition

By creeworks on Sep 29, 2021

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thought i would post my BQE Rip squeak build since there wasnt many on here.

my first full build from the ground up, coming from a Tinyhawk2 that i modified with Tinysleds TBS sled (TBS CRSF nano, unify nano) this build is definitely night and day difference. thanks to the help of my FPV crate sub i got most of the parts over couple months (frame, esc, props, and original motors which were Flash hobby 2004 3150kv)

with the xing2 motors it rips pretty good for a 3s setup, the stock tune in the diatone mamba fc is very smooth and easy to fly. i do have a couple kinks to work out in betaflight (won't arm after crash, VTX tables) i would like a little more flight time or of it but i guess it's good for the setup (3.5 mins cruising, 2.5 mins ripping on 550 mah 3s) very happy with the unify nano powerful for a tiny package. very impressed with the video quality and range.



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LynxFPV   Nov 19, 2021  

niice build . just received all i need to start my 2" Rip Squeak v2 build. really impressed with how yours turned out. diggin the color scheme of black with teal.
question though, what size if lipo strap are you using, an how did you get it to stay inplace like that? glue?

creeworks   Nov 19, 2021 

thanks bro! as for the strap its the pyrodrone micro strap, 12x135mm size. its actually removeable, its just kinda wedged in-between the bottom of the top plate and my crossfire nano that sits on top of the stack. it kinda does look like its stuck in place thou in the pics LOL

LynxFPV   Nov 19, 2021 

awe i see what ya did. or at least i can imagine how it's wedged. was actually planning on doing the same thing with my rx csfr antenna so its mounted on the underside of the frame. thank you for posting your build on here.
tomorrow i plan on doing my build, an this info will really help simplify things towards the finishing touches.

creeworks   Nov 20, 2021 

yes i wanted to use the immortal T, i was gonna use the regular micro antenna and make the Mr Steele immortal L but i really wanted to use the T. and only place for the crsf nano really was on top of the stack... not much room left over after putting in the stack and vtx/cam. but yea good luck with the build! i had fun building this one...i really enjoy the building over the flying LOL

OMikeG86   Oct 18, 2021  

Hey I see you have the Jumper T18 Pro V2 . What new features did they add in this version? There's not much info out there on these but I saw on Banggood that it comes with a touchscreen and internal charging and that they took out the jp5in1 module and switch back to the jp4in1 so the 2.4ghz antenna isn't internal anymore. Can you confirm that any of this is true?

creeworks   Oct 18, 2021 

maybe mine isnt the v2?? because mine has the jp5in1 with internal antenna, its not internal charging, but i belive it does have the touch screen...but doesn't work untill open TX makes it available. dont know if that helps any LOL

lgustol   Oct 05, 2021  

What's the weight of this quad? These flight times are way too low. How's the performance? I feel like it could easily handle a bigger battery.

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lgustol   Oct 05, 2021 

I'm getting 3.5 to 4 min flying my 2.5" Phantom HD with 1404 motors, using 450mah and 500mah 3S. it weighs about 108g without the battery. I also reach 6 min if just cruising.
Since you're using 3" props I would experiment with 650mah and 850mah. I feel like 1000mah would be too heavy and could actually have lower flight times, or the same with lower performance. But some people prefer flying heavier quads, so it might be a matter of personal taste.

lgustol   Oct 05, 2021 

I also fly until about 11V, that's when I bring the quad back closer to me, and I land at about 10.5V (3.5V per cell). The resting voltage usually goes up to 3.7-3.8V per cell.

creeworks   Oct 05, 2021 

yea when i first built it i was thinking id get at least 4 min out of it on a 550mah, and i probably could push it and be light as possible on the throttle. it did gain about 30 sec flight time when i switched motors from 2004's to 1404's. may just need to pick up some 650mah packs and see what i can get out of it. thanks for the comments!

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