CL1-VS VannyStyle

By OutaTimeFPV on Sep 28, 2021

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I have been flying this build since February 2021! It's very consistent and one of my favorite builds, so it's given me no reason to switch!

A few key things to think about while building:

  • Keep your wires short, but long enough to leave some play for crashes and repair.
  • Drill out the 20x20 holes to M3. Don't use converters since they introduce vibration.
  • Use RaceWire with VHB tape, zipties and/or heatshrink. When a ziptie is hit and the VHB fails, the heat shrink can protect the PCB.
  • RotorRiot landing skids are great for protecting motor ends and making fast landings.
  • Use at least a 330uF capacitor direct to the ESC leads. I put mine on some wire and ran it to the front of the ESC.
  • A (and I can not stress this enough) DOT of super glue on the ESC to FC wires keep them from unplugging in hard crashes.
  • The Crossfire receiver is fine to put on top of the Vista, but only when using VHB tape.
  • Chamfer the top plate to avoid straps getting cut.
  • Use extra-long steel screws on the GoPro and antenna mounts to prevent them from coming loose.
  • Run the Vista to camera cable in between the ESC and FC to cut down on interference.
  • Consider using washers on the GoPro mount to avoid TPU fatigue.
  • Conformal coat. The Cricket stack is already pretty well-coated and shouln't need much if any.

For maintenance and upkeep:

  • When standoffs bend, replace them to prevent carbon fatigue, especially at the second standoff position (common carbon failure point).
  • Check the second to front standoff position often to make sure the carbon isn't cracking. If it is cracking, order a new bottom plate ASAP as it won't be long until it fully breaks.
  • Change your landing skids when you can't see the RotorRiot logo on them. They break soon after.
  • Change your motor bearings. It's relatively easy to do with the Flow motors if you heat up the bell retention screw.
  • Check RaceWire joints to make sure the pads haven't broken off.
  • Replace the XT60 and the heatshrink on it to avoid shorts.


Part List


CL1-VS 5" Frame (3 builds)

Flight Controller

NewBeeDrone Cricket200 Stack (ESC+FC) (3 builds)


4 x NewBeeDrone FLOW 2306.5 Racing and Freestyle FPV Motor 1850KV (12 builds)


Gemfan 51466x3 Hurricane Durable (4pcs) MCK (71 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit 720p/120fps Low Latency HD Digital System For DJI FPV (147 builds)


RUSHFPV Cherry 5.8GHz U.FL Lock Antenna 2 Pack - Red (RHCP orLHCP) (26 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx FPV Long Range Drone Receiver (1374 builds)


CNHL 1200mAh 22.2V 6S 100C Speedy Pizza Lipo Battery - XT60 (22 builds)


FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter - Black Customized Special Edition - w/ M9 Gimbals (5 builds)


DJI FPV Goggles V2 - Ultra Low Latency 810p 144FPS Digital HD (129 builds)

3D Printed

TPU SMA Antenna mount for 27mm spaced frames Without RX antenna tube holes

3D Printed

CL1 & HD1 Immortal T Antenna Mounts (3 builds)

3D Printed

Rotor Riot CL1 GoPro Mount

HD Camera

GoPro HERO10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 23MP Photos, 1080p L (12 builds)

Misc Parts

WhiteNoiseFPV Race Wire Mini - PCB Motor Wire (4 builds)

Battery Charger

iSDT 608AC Smart Battery Charger AC 50W DC 200W 8A w/ Detachable Power Supply (25 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 PORTABLE SOLDERING IRON W/XT60 Power Cable (25 builds)


Pyrodrone Tool Kit 9 Pcs. (21 builds)


QuadGuard BP X3 (3 builds)
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