Slammed Squirtek30 6s Redux v3

By ExplodingEvo on Sep 07, 2021

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I can't abide the status quo. Fiddling with stuff is part of this hobby, right? I built a 6s squirt v2 and hated it. tmotor 1507s did not cut the mustard. in my 2fiddy adventures I found the 2203 stanfpv motors and they were ok, but not nearly high enough kv for 3in props.

pro tip
I find that the ducts like to pop off in bumps and stuff sometimes if you're flying gates and bump them. I drilled a hole and put a screw between the 2 ducts into the standoff to keep them secure. This might not be a problem in normal "cinewhooping" work, but I prefer the extra bit of security for my rough handling of this quad.

v3 edit
I decided to go back to the 2205 motors, I picked up a couple more frames after breaking one and a blue TPU set. I've decided the ProTek motors are what I want to stay with and moved the T-Motor 2203.5s to the CineMah. I'm rebuilding the black TPU frame with an Air unit and another pair of 2205s. I want to keep an air unit version on hand for any actual filming because it handles idling so much better.

v2 edit
Major edit: Things break in FPV. A lot. I spent the afternoon at the airfield flying with friends, put maybe 4 packs through my Squirt. That evening, I met up with a friend and plugged in a battery when, in a gout of flame, the stack burned up. Jury is still out on why, but no failed solder joints. It was the plug between the ESC/FC that somehow caused the failure.

But we can (did) rebuild it. We have the technology.

Slammed Squirt currently has an iFlight Beast F7 AIO, Vista, and iflight 2205 2300kv motors. Once I slap a ton of weight on the quad, it goes to work. It's fun to fly in the backyard and I can cruise in the house forever.


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yves1984   Mar 17, 2022  

hi there. looks realy great your build. did u also have a picture how u mount the AIO and the vista inside?

ExplodingEvo   Mar 18, 2022 

I used this: to mount the AIO on 20x20 and used the furthest rear holes for the vista. I've actually changed this build to an Air unit and went to a 20x20 stack but I hate how it flies so I'll probably take it back to a vista at some point.

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