6S ImpulseRC Apex 5" (DJI, 2306.5 1880kv)

By DrMacca on Sep 04, 2021

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Like a lot of you guys, I think I enjoy building these things almost (?just) as much as flying them. Over the past 2 years I've flown a bunch of different builds but over the past 6 months I've finally settled on a build that I feel most comfortable and confident with. I love the 5" Apex frame for it's durability (at least in my experience). I definitely find it a bit of a pain in the ass trying to fit everything in a tight space (which is why the cap outside of the main body and on one of the arms) but I've smashed the hell out of this frame and have yet to break anything. I have had to replace two arms after the outer edges became frayed and started causing unwanted vibrations but that's after a year of flying.

If you look closely at the photos, the 'gold' one is the one I've been flying for over a year as my 'daily driver' and you can see scuffs on the front bottom bumper and some of the motors...that's it after year of crashing not only on/in/around grass and trees, but also concrete. That quad hit the wall of a parking garage and fell three floors! The GoPro died, props obliterated, but everything else was fine!

I can't say that I find the 30x30 HGLRC F7 60A ESC+FC combo any better or worse than other similar stacks from other manufacturers but again, it's survived a year of my awful flying. Ditto for the RCInpower Smoox 2306 Plus 1880kv motors - I have another build (not yet posted) with Karearea TOA 2306 Turbine (6S/1950kv) motors that are arguably more responsive - but again, have yet to have one of these motors break either. Lots of scuffs and scratches but still turning.

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1) I managed to snag a second Caddx Vista with the DJI camera right before the shortage which is why one of them has the Vista with the Caddx camera and other with the DJI camera.
2) I used the ImpluseRC Apex race wire in the white colour so I could spray paint them the same colour I used on the arms and the camera plates.
3) Both builds use the original Apex 5" and not the HD version. I found the Vista fit just fine on both.
4) I also found the Ovonic 6S 1000mAh lipos to be the best balance between price and quality
5) Those Rotor Village kevlar straps are money. Absolutely brilliant and tough as nails.

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