Flowrider 7" LR with folding arms

By M490fpv on Aug 23, 2021

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Got this awesome Flowrider 7" LR proto frame from Crisscrossfpv.
This frame has folding arms, so it should be quite easy to carry around.
This frame is still under development, so I'm not showing pics of it without components ;)

I designed some own TPU parts to this build, such as:

  • Motor wire covers
  • VTX antenna mount
  • GPS unit/crossfire Immortal-T mount

Used some top end components to this build, like T-Motor F7HD + Pro55A stack, DJI cam and Vista, Crossfire diversity Nano with beacon functionality, Lumenier double AXII lhcp antenna...

This bird flies awesome after just 40 min tuning session! I have some test flight footage on My Instagram channel (m490fpv). Go and check it out.

I'm really liking the pistachio green TPU color! How about you?



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Jodie Froster   Sep 23, 2021  

jfc, leave some for the rest of us...
Love your (rx, diversity) antenna solution, keeping it out of the rear facing cam. The vTx antenna mount is impressively smol and light, but still appears sturdy, how is it holding up?
The green tpu looks great!
I looked at ALL of the prints there with a critical eye, and so many of them are so good, and so well thought out, that I feel compelled to mention the sole uncut gem. The nicely radiused trapezoidal side plates, with their corresponding green tpu inserts, make me wish the gps mount had that same shape, instead of a square. The shape being repeated 12 times on the frame already, really makes me want it. You could even do layers of color in the tpu to ramp it up more.
I REALLY love the quad, the build is incredible, so I hope you take this as a compliment. I assume you have already thought of this, and are up against limitations in your software, or free time (or maybe you made it, and decided to go with a stripped down version to save weight?). On the off chance that it slipped by, I feel like it would really bring the theme together.
I can't stress enough, that I am saying all this because of the high level of design work throughout the entire project here. Real big-brain stuff.

M490fpv   Oct 04, 2021 

Thank you so much for the kind words!! It is super cool to be a part of developing new cool stuff!!
I got a bad reception with this vtx antenna solution (bad cable between vista and AXII antenna), so I'm moving the antenna to front and use a TrueRC antenna. This should give much better bit rate. Testing the new concept today.
CrissCrossFPV has done amazing work designing this frame. I have only designed some TPU parts and yes, GPS mount (my design) is still not the best possible to my eye either. The new owner just wants to put this bird up in the skies of Mont Blanc already, so I cannot spend any extra time trying new ideas :)
Thank you again for the ideas, i appreciate it a lot!!
All the best.

ZX-RC   Oct 02, 2021  

Great design! I'm starting a 7'' big guy too. Wondering how do you land without scratching the gopro on the rear.

M490fpv   Oct 04, 2021 

Thank you! I must land the quad really carefully (to grass surface mostly) XD
So far no damages... :)

Port_To_FPV   Aug 29, 2021  

Man, I've got a 7" super G that I've been waiting to build with a Nebula Pro or Micro. But that frame looks sick folded up like that. Might just have to get one of these as well when they released.

doytcheva   Aug 24, 2021  

it looks amazing Sami !

M490fpv   Aug 24, 2021 

Thank you!! 😊👌

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