roninUAV - Ashigaru Mk1 92 sub-250g Micro Cine

By the.ronin on Aug 13, 2021

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I had a very specific use case for this 2 inch micro design. I wanted a travel drone that did not look threatening, highly compact, capable of carrying a lightweight HD cam, and powered off 1S lipos so I could use small USB chargers rather than having to lug around a bulky lipo charger. It doesn't get much more compact than this kit ...

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The ashigaru were the foot soldiers of feudal Japan many of whom came from poverished backgrounds but some of whom rose to become the most powerful men in the country. This little guy is my drone foot soldier for taking trip scenic videos ...

The frame is designed to be a very tight tolerance 92mm MTM 2 inch micro for a nano (14x14) FPV camera. The stock frame is designed for a 15mm stack height but a 20mm conversion kit is available. It's got stack screw holes for whoop, 20x20, and 16x16. Although there are no mounting holes in the rear, there is some carbon fiber back there to secure some electronics.

In the video, the build makes use of a Flywoo Goku GN745 AIO Whoop FC with T-Motor F1103 11000KV motors. I went over on the kv for this configuration so I had to ratchet it back with some throttle scaling in Betaflight. The VTX is the HGLRC Zeus Nano hooked up with a Micro Axii. Crossfire, of course. 2x GNB 650mAh 1S lipos connected in series provide power for around 3:30 min of spirited cine style flying. AUW with the 650s is 133g. I recently also got some RDQ 850mAh 1S lipos and while noticeably weightier in flight, was bringing flight time to well over 4 min.

Admittedly, it was a bare getting the video to look clean with the Insta360 Go v1. I went through so many iterations of TPU mounts before finally arriving at one that minimized jello. I also had to do a LOT of PID tuning iterations and tweaking TPA to get the footage to be anywhere near acceptable and worthy of the video above. But recently, I gave up on the Go when it decided it wouldn't record more than 30 seconds because I had already flown it for 5 min on the last pack. Supposed FPV cameras should not require a resting period lol wtf man?!

Rant aside, I'm now rocking a Caddx Baby Turtle whoop HD split cam. Since I'd no longer have room for the Zeus Nano, I swapped that out for a Unify Pro nano and swapped the Axii micro for a VAS Switchblade micro. I did have to get creative with the Unify mounting and tolerance ... well, let's just say there aint much of that lol. Yes, I could have just gone with the 20mm conversion kit but I was really diggin' the slammed 15mm look. And ... gaps, bruh. At just over 20g less fat, I'm getting FAR better HD footage over the Go v1 and considerably more flight time pushing 5 min with the 2x 650s!! AUW 113g. I have yet to try them with the 850s but the AUW there is 119g and I'm expecting well well over 5 min of flight. The last 4 pics in the album show the build kitted with the Caddx Baby Turtle whoop and Unify.

The Ashigaru Mk1 ... our "karen-resistant" micro drone frame lol :)



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WizzX   Aug 20, 2021  

really like the frame.

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