65g Naked caddx vista Toothpick for 2s lipo

By Felix_FPV on Aug 14, 2021

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Hi to all toothpick Rippers!

After I saw Mr. Shutterbugs YouTube video about his naked vista 2s 3inch toothpick I new for myself: I want one of these.
So I did a lot of research and endet up using these parts:

  1. FETTEC 15A Aio
    I have always used Betaflight Software until now. Because of weight issues I decided to try kiss and so I ordered the fettec aio. Its only 3.5g and was well suited for my purpose. I also wanted to try kiss Firmware so I thought this was a great opportunity.
  2. 1303 7500kv amax Motors
    I have used 1303 5000kv amax motors in the past and really liked them. Since Fpvcycle motors are really hard to get especially here in Europe I decided to try the 7500kv ones from amax. Great choice in my opinion
  3. Naked caddx vista with nebula pro
    Since I fly digital I have to use a caddx vista. Normally it’s quite heavy at around 20g and not really suitable for a toothpick. But when you remove the heatsinks you can get around 10g off the vista, a really important step for this Quad. I absolutely hate the nebula nano so I went with nebula pro even dough its a bit heavier. But that’s worth it.
  4. Fpvcycle Babytooth frame 2mm
    Great frame and perfect for this build. Haven’t really crashed it yet but it seems to be a really suitable frame for this build at a really low weight.
  5. Truerc Singularity lite lhcp antenna
    Because I wanted to shave off some weight I used the Truerc singularity lite antenna instead of the standard Vista antenna. Great performance in a tiny package.
  6. Tbs crossfire nano rx
    I fly crossfire so I use a crossfire nano. I mounted the standard crossfire antenna to the arms. Like I did in the good old Frsky times. I did not want to use the minimortal T because I don’t really like it but if you want to you can use it as well. Makes mounting a bit easier since there is a canopy with integrated Mount for the minimortal t.
    I had a few 2s 550 tattu packs laying around so I decided to plan the build around that lipo. turned out great. Lots of power and 4-6min flighttime depending on the style of flying. When I was just cruising I got around 9 minutes of flying.
    My goal was around 60g dryweight. I new it would be a little bit heavier because I used some heavier hardware. I was a bit suprised when I saw the scale: acruate to the gram 100,0grams. A lipo is around 30-33g so dry weight is around 68. Pretty good.
    The Build:
    First thing I did was wiring up the Rx and Tx for the vista on the Aio. And what should I say. Was a real pain in the butt. The pads are really, really small. NOT for begginers at all.
    the Rest was really straight forward. Soldering up the motors, Crossfire nano and the vista. (For the motors you have to solder them on a bit different. The Pads on the aio are not in Toothpick-style. Have a look at the pictures. You also have to rotate the aio and mount it different from its default position. More on that later.) Then mount everything under the tpu canopy (link is in the 3d printed section) and you are basically done.
    Kiss Gui
    Setting up the kwad is really straight forward. Kiss makes things a lot easier. I wont go into detail but if you really want to use the kiss aio: the way I mounted the Aio rotates the gyro. Make shure you write -135 (degrees) in the yaw box at the Gyro settings. I mounted the aio this way because I wanted the powercable to come out on the backside of the kwad.

Here is a flight video:

This is Mr Shutterbugs video:

I'll a lot of pictures at the end. Hope you like the build. Feel free to ask questions down in the commentary section.



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