Just Another Sub-Atomic - SOLD

By BaTTaN on Aug 01, 2021

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This is a really fun micro! Not only a well thought out build but a very complete frame kit with quality parts.

With that said I absoultutly hate this AIO! I’m sorry but it’s an utter piece of garbage and maybe there is a reason only one manufacture makes this size aio, out of the four I ordered one is completely dead. No life when connected to usb "may as well plug into a potato" so I never even bothered to check dc in or do anything with it. The nbext one I tried seemed fully functional as I could access the FC, ESC’s, and wired and configured an ELRS EP2 RX and motors. The issue came after trying multiple vtx’s, cams, updating fonts, all the way to flashing the AIO and never being able to ge the OSD to display. I was able to fly and get vtx video with this but with no OSD at all I did not use it long.

Sadly I have two frames that call for this aio and at the time the frames were released few places had these for sale. These were ordered through chinese distributors so I would have to fight with manufacture support if they even have support to deal with the bad AIO's. I still have one sealed for the other frame that fingers crossed there are no issues with and I never need a backup board for either build…

The thrid AIO seems to be functing without issues as I’ve been ripping packs through it for a while now. It really is a great tight space little ripper. Great build for tearing throuigh tree canopys as its small with few things to get hung up on branches! I’m running 2s 300mah to 2s 450mah and with the 300mah can fit and handle an INSTA360 GO pretty good. However a 450mah is just a bit to long with the GO. I’ve used everything from 40mm bi-blade to quad-blade props but the Gemfan tri-blades seem to perfom the best.

During the initial build I was using the eachine nano v2 with the elrs ep2 with no space issues. I have since swapped the nano v2 with a nano pro32. I did initially look at using one of the 16x16 vtx/rx adapter boards but was unsuitable for an elrs rx. I have also upgraded to VAS Micoswitch blade in an effort to deal with video drop outs.

AIO Update! I purchased four of these AIO's for two builds that use them. I try to always a backup of parts that could be difficult to locate at a later date as I don't want to have downtime if I have a major crash or issue with hardware later on. The first two AIO as mentioned above were bad. Now the third AIO has issues. I can still connect, arm, and fly this build and there has not been so much as a hard landing with the little guy as I fly in and out of my hands. Yet this morning I went to make an OSD update after updating my ELRS config and just like the first AIO of the four I tried, I may as well be plugging the USB cable into a potato. These AIO's frigging SUCK!!!



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