The Minion: 3D Printed, Deadcat, 2-Inch, 2s

By ꓘamiKwadze on Jul 25, 2021

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So I wanted to give 3D printing a try. The idea behind this was to not only try to go light, but also give the drone some aerodynamic features. I had made several revisions of this frame model and finally, after trying a few different filaments, found one that was strong and also rigid enough, MatterHackers NylonX. I figured if R3D Shifters use it successfully then it should work for me too. After much testing, I found that hollow tubes are nice and stiff, square shaped tubes were stronger, but the round tubes seem to be strong enough.
The chasis and the canopy were annealed at 270F for 2 hours.
I found that there was an issue with either the canopy design, my printer, nylonx, or just the combination of the three. I printed 2 canopies and both had layer adhesion issues in the exact same spots. When removing the support material they split along the sides. Luckily, some regular epoxy seems to have fixed the issue. The canopy weighed in at 3.8 grams after annealing. I then sanded it and gave it a few coats of high-end epoxy used for making CF laminate. The finished weight was about 4.4 grams.
The frame, after annealing, came in just under 6 grams.
The canopy is pretty strong and a little flexible, but I don't know if it will survive from a high drop...maybe a TPU canopy would have been a better choice. I am not really worried about the seems quite strong in relation to the drones weight.
Unfortunately, it is raining again today, but in house hover tests are making me feel exceptionally optimistic.

So I got eaten alive by the mosquitoes, but it does fly nicely. Definitely need to try 450mah batteries though. Not liking the the Runcam Racer and I just put the firmware patch on my looks like instead of rendering the black screen frames, they just cut them out. Uhg!

Using a 550mah R-line. Much better, but needs a tune. I think/hope I took out a motor and not an ESC, but definitely tweaked something.



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Rps2002r1   Jul 27, 2021  

nice job man, really nailed it! love the micro deadcat setup.

ꓘamiKwadze   Aug 01, 2021 

Thanks Rps2002r1!

OptimaZe   Jul 25, 2021  

Awesome! Hope you get to test it outside soon!

ꓘamiKwadze   Jul 25, 2021 

Thanks OptimaZe! It did stop raining finally, but it's still pretty wet out. I plan on uploading video from the maiden.

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