Armattan Tadpole 3"

By muchzill4 on Jul 17, 2021

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My 2.5" didn't feel the same after slapping insta360 go 2 on it. This 3" 4s setup feels quite alright.

The only issue right now is that I'm getting some lines from CRSF telemetry on the FPV feed. Better explained here.
This was not an issue on the Mamba stack I've used previously. Last thing to try is a coax cable I guess.


  • Using ELRS fixed the FPV interference issue - did not notice any range issues in my usual flying spots. Also, so much Hz.. Feels great.
  • Can't recommend that GHF FC anymore. It's the second one out of three that spontaneuosly combusted on me. Leaving photos of the OG build for posterity. I've rebuilt this quad with Goku F745.
    Check pictures for more details.



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iCrashAlot   Oct 01, 2022  

Looks sick! What flight times do you get on this ?

muchzill4   Oct 01, 2022 

I got into whoops and don't fly anything bigger right now. I can't remember the flight time exactly , but I'm pretty sure that it was sensible. Now, this probably doesn't give you much, so to give you a ballpark for my freestyle needs:

  • 2:30min is the least I'd find acceptable
  • greater or equal 3min means I don't think about improving the build to get more flight time
    I think this build was closer to 3min than 2:30min. 😉
NameTaken   Aug 14, 2021  

did you just mount the stack stack woth m2 screws, or enlarge the frame holes to m3?

muchzill4   Aug 14, 2021 

I used m2. GHF required rubber grommets which weren't included.

Jodie Froster   Jul 21, 2021  

Nice looking build. Sorry to hear you are having crummy video issues. I see that your radio gear is "nuts-to-butts" on each other, and the FC. I would love to see the solution when you get to that point :)

muchzill4   Aug 08, 2021 

Ditching crossfire was the solution. 😅

Jodie Froster   Aug 08, 2021 

word!? thanks for the update. I run the 900mhz ELRS, I will look out for that in my builds

Kubay_Danil   Aug 08, 2021  

What current do your motors consume for 4s, I'm wondering if this flight controller will withstand motors of the same size, but at 4800 / 5000KV, also on a 4-cell battery.

muchzill4   Aug 08, 2021 

I haven't checked. According to spec, for the 3x3x3 props they should max ~12A.
Having said that, I can't really recommend that flight controller anymore. It's the second of 3 that I bought, which had FETs spontaneously explode. With the first one I thought it was user error, so I took extra care not to short anything this time.

I've rebuilt this particular quad with F745 nano from Goku (because why not overkill), but have yet to test it as I got ill. 😷 If you're interested I can post findings. When I get to fly it that is. Updated photos and description. 👍

FWIW, since I usually build quads in pairs I have an exact "clone" of this build that did not combust.

WizzX   Jul 20, 2021  

nice build, where did you get that ND filter for go?

muchzill4   Jul 21, 2021 

Thanks! It's the official ND filter set sold by Insta360.

WizzX   Jul 21, 2021 

ahh ok, so its go2 not go1, I just didnt see true the holder which one is it :)

muchzill4   Jul 21, 2021 

Ha! I've updated the description to avoid confusion. :)

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