TBS SuperPODRacer

By BaTTaN on Jun 11, 2021

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After snapping an arm on my Hyperbola ultralight 5 inch and not being able to source a new bottom plate I needed a new design and wanted to move away from the single piece frames.

This is a stock TBS PodRacer 5 inch using the two peice arms however I plan on dong an arm swap and moving to the lighter single piece arms at some point. This ultralight has plenty of spare arms! This is not the stock TBS injected molded canopy. This is a custom designed by MrCanopy and printed by Itsblunty for me using Inland nylon/carbon composite filament.

I decided to use the 55amp Iflight Beast AIO pushing Brotherhobby VY 2004 1950kv motors. I have both the 4s and 6s versions of these motors and started with the 4s version on this but plan on using them on a 4 inch long range but was fun seeing the performance difference on this build. This build with the 6s motors goes from pad to speck in just a couple seconds. Calling it fast is an understatement! I may try getting a GPS on this somehow.

The rest of the build is TBS with the exception of the ANT in the pictures which was initially installed through testing but has since been replaced with a Baby Ratel 2. I’ve also installed a flywoo Bluetooth adapter for quick betaflight adjustments. The fact I'm using an Iflight beast 55amp AIO and the VY 2004 1950kv which have a recommended max current of 18amp so I started with a scaled throttle limit of 75% in Betaflight and through testing determined the motors are able to do 100% without getting warm. I am uncertain this would be the case with additional load or using an XT60 with this AIO and motor combination.

I run 6s 550mah for sub 250 and it pops like a rocket with 6+ min flight times on that capacity pictured below on scale and 6s 850mah profile pictured below comes to just over 250g

Samacked into a high tension power-line and lost a prop falling at least 45 feet into a tended soccor field with no damage to anything other than the lost prop and another bent one.

Learned the hard way that TBS recommends a 6s 650mah pack or below on this frame. This issue is the frame lipo strap slots breaking. There is no way t purchase just the bottom plate that has the lipo strap stays either. If one breaks, you can always sling the lipo the other orientation. I went ahead and had CNCMADDNESS cut me some stock 2.5mm replacement plates but a couple out of 3mm as well to try out.



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feeksfpv   Jun 13, 2021  

how is the H7 going? tell us your experience with it
been looking to build a beast with H7 too

BaTTaN   Jun 15, 2021 

That AIO is the only reason I built a PODRacer really. In fact it was the first item I purchased. Sadly something was wrong with the first one I received and I could not spin up motors or read esc's and never got it in the air. It slowed this build down as I had to open a support ticket with I-flight however I wanted to get this build in the air so bad I just doubled down and purchased another one.

The first one was just shipped to iflight support to diagnose. I mean I have high res images of it and even inspected it under a loop looking for anything prior to opening the support ticket and shipping it off and still go back and can see nothing wrong soooo really not sure there but I've got my fingers crossed they correct the issue or send me a new one since I never so much as got to arm the first one.

Got to say its an easy AIO to work on though and like this build if you dont over do it think it will be fine but only time will tell but I'm putting packs through it daily and a blast to chase gates.

BaTTaN   Jul 17, 2021 

They replaced the initial AIO that was purchased and would not spin up. Now I have a spare Beast but most likely going to build something with it and 6s 2303.5

gfou   Jun 12, 2021  

love it!

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