Slam Z pusher props out

By kwadkenstine on Jun 08, 2021

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Some new bits for a change. 20mm and 12mm standoffs
50amp esc
20 x 20 hglrc fc
2207 2450 kv motors
caddx vista micro
some cheep 7inch frames
and other bits
Of all the craft i have built i have never had random ticks .
Nothing i have done can fix it or even change its behavior
I think i know how to build a quad . even the most out there builds have never had this issue.
Even when looking at the gyro traces in bf config i get sharp peaks in the z , and i know for a fact that my hand movementa are not that sharp.
and only in the z.
has anyone else had this issue with hglrc f7 .
So I am swaping it out for a diferent 20 x 20 fc
and if it isnt fixed i will get back to you.



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lgustol   Jun 24, 2021  

How do you plan on landing this?

kwadkenstine   Jun 24, 2021 


kwadkenstine   Jun 24, 2021 

If you go to my yt you will see how i land it,

kwadkenstine   Jun 11, 2021  

Hi having issues with random ticks in the z axis.
Has anyone else had issues with hglrc f7 20x20

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kwadkenstine   Jun 11, 2021 

Unfortunately no its totally random.
Thanks tho

dafunk   Jun 13, 2021 

I had random ticks in z axis on all my quads. Turned out to be iron dust on the hall gimbals of my remote.

kwadkenstine   Jun 13, 2021 

Hi Good thinking , but it is only this one and i replaced the fc and it solved the problem. i put the fc in a tooth pic and it tried to fly to the moon

kwadkenstine   Jun 12, 2021  

DVR of the grass cutter posted on my yt

Square One   Jun 10, 2021  

Really nice! I've been thinking about inverting my 5", I've got inverted 65 and 75mm tiny whoops. I love how they fly! How does your drone fly? Feel any benefits vs a normal 7"? Would like to see a flight vid 😄.

gfou   Jun 12, 2021 

yep, hope for video of the grass cutter!

Jodie Froster   Jun 09, 2021  

One of my main flyers is a GEPRC MK4! We are quad bros!!!
I run a 5", so not EXACTLY the same, but close enough. I dig the staggered arms, remindes me of the standoff setup on the CMW banggod.
What did you cut the cam plates out of?
Those blingy motors man, lookin gud. Did you buy one of those LAL 5 bind n fly setups, and harvest those motors from it?
Your u-joint socket extension looks like a robot arm (or maybe some OTHER robot part...)to me, I live in the states and they are all round. No square corners running along the long axis like yours. How come the hinge pins stick out so far on it? Do you use them to help turn the socket? Is it just coming out of it's hole, and needs to be pressed back in?

kwadkenstine   Jun 09, 2021 

I dont know if it is a geprc frame , i dont tend to remember those sort of things . But yes i did gut a lal5 cause it was cheep , like 200 aud . and the robot arm thingy is a front differential for a rc car. the cam plates are alloy and plastic stuff i found at the dump.

Jayembee67   Jun 09, 2021 

Ahem, just saying: Great minds, and all that. Should we get team jerseys printed up or something...? ;-)

Jodie Froster   Jun 12, 2021 

Yours is incredible, the colors!!

kwadkenstine   Jun 11, 2021  

Random ticks GONE.
problem solved.
I replaced the fc with a skystars 20 x 20 and it flies just like i knew it should.
stock pids rates and filters , NO PROBLEMS.
I will put the sus fc into a known good flier to try and sort it BUT I THINK IT IS DEAD

recon   Jun 10, 2021  

Ken Stine, you a freak.

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