Sub Atomic 2

By outcastfpv on Jun 01, 2021

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Gnarly FPV Sub Atomic 2, JHEMCU GHF13 AIO, TBS Unify Pro 32 Nano, HGLRC AEOLUS 1202.5 8000KV Motors

Pretty much the same as the original Sub Atomic i built back in April just with larger motors and props. I thought i would go 3S with this build, the 8000KV may be a little too high KV but it may just manage especially if i use 3 blade props like the Gemfan 2023's. 4 blade's might be pushing it a little but won't know until i maiden it. Although the recommended motor size is 1103/ 1202 8-10000kv i just wanted to chance HGLRC's 1202.5 size. And this time the frame comes with an iflight 1.0x14CM battery strap which is the perfect length for a 3S

Fitting the rubber grommets for the GH13AIO flight controller was still a bit of a pain, i just rounded off a toothpick so it was blunt just to help poke them through just like i did previously with the other build

And since i used the Runcam Nano 2 in the original Sub Atomic i still had the Runcam Nano 4 available, I dont like it though as the wires are not silicon, they feel like they could break while trying to route/ squeeze them out of the way, I left the cables long as i didn't think they would have been that much of a pain to route them as i mounted the camera in. I would have prefered getting another Nano 2 for this build. Will probably just put one in later. If the maiden goes okay ill just place an order.

I also weighed it with the 3S R-Line 550mAh i have and although not much heavier i wont be using it as its just too long to top mount on this. The battery and leads would be too annoying in view. But might try one flight anyway.

Lastly I'll eventually get around to trying some of the different props i have, My preference lately for example on my Diatone GT-R90 (my firmware/ bi directional Dshot test platform) has been for the Avan Micro 2 Props, and didn't really like the 2" Avan Blur's on it.
I added a comparison pic of the original Sub Atomic (1.6" props) near the end of the pics.

Weight According to my cheap digital scale:
Dry Weight: 54.6 grams
Flight Weight: 97.8 grams (w/ 3S 450mAh Battery)
Flight Weight: 100.5 grams (w/ 3S R-Line 550mAh Battery)

First Flight (Tattu 3S 450) /w Fimi Palm Audio:

Available Props:
Gemfan 2023 - 3 Blade (Currently mounted in pics)
Gemfan Hulkie 2040 - 3 Blade
Avan Blur 2 - 3 Blade
Avan Micro 2 - 4 Blade
Dal Cyclone Q20353C - 4 Blade

I also have some old Gemfan 2035BN 4 Blade's but doubt i'll bother with them. They work great on an Arfun Pro 95 on 2S though

Gemfan 2023 vs Emax Avan Micro 2 Punchout Comparison:



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outcastfpv   Jun 13, 2021  

Added Gemfan 2023 vs Emax Avan Micro 2 Punchout Comparison video

UpMostBeast FPV   Jun 11, 2021  

How would you say 1202.5 compare to 1104 on 3s? Do the 1202.5 handle the power even though they are a bit smaller? Do they have better response since they are a wider shorter stator?

UpMostBeast FPV   Jun 11, 2021 

Also this is a sweet build!

outcastfpv   Jun 12, 2021 

Its odd that you ask that as after a flew flights with this i took out my test build GT-R90 with rpm filtering. i call it my test build as its what i try newer firmwares and features on. and although the taller 1104 will give you higher rpm and therefor more power making it a little less efficient i find the 1202.5 with the lower mass of my build @ 54.6 grams has all the power and response of the the GT-R90's 1104 6000kv with a mass of 76.9 grams. The sub atomic 2 flight ended with a flight time of 4:16 @ 3.58v and the previous GT-R90 flight ended with a flight time of 3:06 @3.60v. Although that was without giving them time to recover, the voltages were bascially a second after i landed, so they would have recovered a good bit more but they still would have been respective relative to each other. I will add a combined screenshot of the ends of both flights temporarily here

daich   Jun 02, 2021  

sweet! nice build. when my skystars 1103 die, I have a set of aeolus 1202.5 11600kv's ready to go on. It's currently on a 3" 1s that I don't like how it is flying but my sub atomic 2 is flying so good.
3s 8000kv is equivalent to 12000kv 2s so it'll be similar

outcastfpv   Jun 03, 2021 

Yeah I've always had good experiences with hglrc's motors so thought i would go with them. It was either them or the Diatone Mamba 1202 6500KV

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