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By Werdna FPV on May 21, 2021

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What's up guys, WerdnaFPV here! It's been some time since I've made a post on Rotorbuilds! A fresh wave of Covid is spreading through my country as we speak, and since most of us pilots are locked down at home most of the time, there was really no better time to get my 2021 tiny whoop racing fleet up and running. Before we begin, here's some footage of the pink coloured one (a highly modded Moblite6) ripping a truly amazing LED course built by the really talented TOWKAYNEW at a recent whoop competition before lockdown happened:

For almost 2 years now I had been flying on a truly ancient tiny whoop build, you can find it here: I had upgraded it immensely, as well as I could, and it remains a joy to fly but hardware sadly remains hardware no matter how much you try and jack it up. Its F3 board, old-style CCD camera and heavy motors were impacting flight performance greatly. Thus, I decided to build up these two beasts using modern whoop components.

Frame - The BetaFPV Meteor65 V2 frame, with thicker struts and beefier than the V1 while somehow maintaining equal weight, is probably the best 65mm frame currently available. The Newbeedrone Cockroach Brushless frame could be slightly more durable, but for its weight, price and availability in my area, the Meteor65 V2 reigns supreme. Compared to many others like the OG Happymodel Mobula6 frame or old Beta65 Pro frames, the battery sits super close to the center line of the frame and the quad doesn't even land on the battery but on the motor screws. This is excellent for C.G. and handling. Furthermore, the super thin struts ensure that the thrust column isn't blocked excessively - great for efficiency.

Motors - The Happymodel EX0802 are far superior to SE0802 (previous version). Weight savings are approximately 0.2 grams per motor, and 0.8 grams for a 19 gram tiny whoop is actually pretty significant. They are unibell motors, so there's no more weird sliding down of the motor bell like on the SE0802 in hard crashes, and the magnets are held in place by a metal lip on the bell, similar to what you would see on a premium motor like an RCInpower GTS series. Really a nice touch by Happymodel right there. Some people have complained that these motors lack power but I have no idea what they are talking about because they are so much more punchy, responsive and yet strangely quieter than the old SE0802! Really excellent efficient motors IMO and worth a try. They are pretty cheap at 30 USD for a set and get me at least 4 minutes of moderate flying. Big kudos to Happymodel for these fantastic motors.

Board - Thanks to Angry Don FPV for this design which is arguably the largest advancement in technology here. The spanking new Diamond F4 AIO incorporates a truly ridiculous amount of technology in just a single 26x26mm board - FC, ESC, OSD, 200Mw VTX and SPI RX. The ESC specs remain the same but the FC is now a nice F411 that I can flash Emuflight to to get my favourite DAS (dual-axis steering) and other features that make the whoop fly just so juicy and locked in compared to Betaflight. The only drawback is that Emuflight still currently doesn't support Redpine protocol so I can't get 666Hz control link from my Radiomaster TX16s but ah well, DAS is probably more important anyway. It's like the ultimate marriage of angle and air mode! Also, the LEDs on this board are really bright and cool, it's really therapeutic to watch it rip around an LED track! You can even assign different whoops different colours like DRL. It's lit AF (pun intended)

I don't like a few things about the board though, here they are:

  1. VTX is not that good. It is able to put out clean 25Mw video but tends to bleed over to adjacent Raceband channels which is bad for racing (sorry fellow Whoop Arena pilots)
  2. RX antenna is way too long. If you don't secure it, it WILL get chewed up by the props.
  3. The shape is really weird and doesn't satisfy my OCD. But this is not a valid point!

Other components - The Runcam Nano3 is the same as the Mobula6 series, truly a fantastic camera but nothing much to say here except that the FOV needs some getting used to because of slightly higher fisheye than normal. The Gemfan 1219 props are pretty standard issue for 65mm whoops too. The only other thing I would like to touch on here is the canopy. As you all know the Moblite6 comes with a lowrider TPU canopy that looks cool but offers exactly zero protection to the FC. It's also a royal pain in the ass to adjust the camera angle. Hence I have chosen to replace it with the OG Mobula6 canopy which is really tough, has an adjustable camera angle with 2 screws, offers great protection to the FC board and only adds a weight penalty of 0.2 grams which can be well-absorbed by the weight of one motor :) If you have a 3D printer, you can print out Angry Don FPV's version too which looks more epic and is equally functional.

Oh yeah, and I'm using BT2.0 connectors on these twin builds. Don't let people fool you, these things are significantly more durable and higher performance than the PH2.0 and built way better than the GNB27 connectors which are often either too loose or too tight! The voltage sag is 0.4V less than PH2.0 which is really significant. I was getting 3.9V vs 3.5V in the first few seconds of flight. It makes a serious difference.

What I would change to make it even better:
-EX0802.5 20000kv (more power)
-comes stock with BT2.0 or GNB27 pins
-TPU canopy like Angry Don FPV whoops

So there you have it, my whoop setup for 2021! Hope this build was interesting and helpful!



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shasta   Jun 03, 2021  

bro i guess 19000 kv motors are good bc you where shredding with them i was going to try and get 25000kv but nvm

Werdna FPV   Jun 04, 2021 

Thanks man! Yep I feel 19000kv motors are the sweet spot, perfect balance between power and efficiency.

Hobby Arena by NOTCHBAD   May 22, 2021  

wahahahah i like the name BLACKPINK! LOL! Like literally! haahhaahaha

Werdna FPV   May 25, 2021 

Thanks so much for the lovely pink frame! It makes me go faster ;D

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