Junk yard DOG 2

By kwadkenstine on May 15, 2021

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Prediction time !!
I Havent flown it yet , i still have to set up the motors etc and put bigger bolts about the place.
If the data sheet for the motors can be believed , on 6s swinging a 15 inch carbon fiber prop , each motor makes 2700 grams of (pull) technical term from the data sheet.
So being on the concervative side , if we asume 2100 grams of PULL per prop and an overall loss of 30% due to the stacked motor setup , we get about 13 kg of PULL.
Flight weight of 4kg.
So Flat out it should lift about 9 KG.
How it handels it is to be seen
This is the first build using parts cut from my janky diy cnc router, learning a lot breaking stuff.
Too be continued.
Update .Crashed on a joy flight , the e clip came off and a motor bell went away , taking a prop with ans sending it into the ground , damaging a motor , so waiting on bits to fix it and do the lift test,



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techguy1623   Dec 11, 2021  

I'm guessing about 20lbs too - just from the looks of it. Maybe strap one on each wrist and take off. Thanks for sharing

kwadkenstine   Jun 21, 2021  

Finally got around to maidening the dog and posting a clip on you tube,
cheers .
PS still cleaning up after the tropical cyclone

Jayembee67   May 18, 2021  

This is impressive. And very neat, too - I would say the CNC was a good investment. Some sort of Banggood special? Or something a bit fancier? Or did you really DIY it? :-)

And yes, I am checking YouTube, and there is no footage from this beastie, and I feel that is a terrible omission... just saying!

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Jayembee67   May 19, 2021 

This is, as I say, bloody impressive. Well done that man!

What drives it as far as software goes? In fact, what is making it all go? I presume you create a suitable 2D file, an STL equivalent or maybe SVG, and then feed that into... something on a lappy that then outputs instructions over USB to... something that is connected to the stepper motors... somehow.

I really would have no idea where to start with a project like this, but very, very cool. And useful for the flying robots for sure.

kwadkenstine   May 19, 2021 

Hi its like 3d printing in reverse.
I use easle from inventables to do the design/ drawing and it generates a g code that then goes to the g code sender to the controller via usb or sd card

Jayembee67   May 20, 2021 

Brilliant! We truly live in an age of miracles and wonders - all just one online shopping trip away... :-)

Jodie Froster   May 15, 2021  

This is so insanely cool.
I really dig the ice crystal aesthetic you have going with your acrylic plates. I'm interested in your frame, I have been considering making a large aluminum arm frame for a current project. How have you handled the connection between all the arms where they meet in the middle?
Are you worried about your motor mounts wobbling? The way they attach at the ends (unless I'm missing some bolts, I only see 2 per mount, connecting it to the arm), makes me wonder. Washers maybe? Standoffs placed between the mount plates (I don't see a great place for it, but you have the CNC now, plates with bumpouts for bolts/standoffs could be incorporated into the design)? Maybe it doesn't need any of that, and it's better off lighter.
The screws holding the arms to the bottom plate, furthest out on the arm, appear to be bevel head screws. Those will try to pry the pointy end of the bottom plate off, right at the screw hole. A flat fastener pressing down, instead of a wedge shape pressing out, would less likely to destroy itself.
I would love to see it fly! If you post video (please!) I would love to see it take off, and hear it too!!!

kwadkenstine   May 15, 2021 

Yes counter sink bolts are not optimal . the frame is a simple x half joint . bigger bolts in the motor mounts and a simple bottom plate for battery mount and thats about it

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