BetaFPV 95X V3 HD - Caddx Vista - 1404 3850KV - 4S

By wrong17 on May 19, 2021

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This is my second time building a BetaFPV 95X pusher quad. I started with a regular 95X that was converted to a pusher and I was not impressed with the outcome. My baseline comparison quad is the iFlight DC2. The is no regular DC2 quad, you can check out my build details hear:

There are 3 things I look for when comparing these quads: noise, efficiency, and handling. Also, there are few features that must be on the quad to be fair in a comparison: 2.5” props, prop guards, and Digital HD FPV system. I hate it when people start comparing quads without guards and how much better. I totally agree, but we are talking about a cinewhoops and we need to keep these on for protection around the things we fly around.

My initial flight with this quad was far from satisfactory, but I realized many things as I tried a few different setup changes. I might have compared the DC2 incorrectly to this build because I was flying it more like a freestyle/race, quad than a cinewhoop. It dawned on me when I took this pusher quad inside the house. It flew like it was on rails and it was very easy to control; the throttle control was nice and smooth. Then I flew a pack with the DC2 inside the house and it was a lot more difficult to control. I had to fly even slower, and I kept bobbing up and down because the throttle was so sensitive. Sure, I should change my rates and fix some of those issues. But you can totally see how the lower KV motors giving me the better throttle resolution. Here is where I got my tunes from:

Now I see the benefits of the 1404 3850kv motors, next I want to make it quieter. Unfortunately, there are no props that I have tired that improves the sounds level. Everything is super loud, especially when I used a larger Lipo pack like a 850mah 4s. But I did notice that this quad can handle some freestyle flights when using a 3 blade props like my favorite iFlight Nazgul Cine 2525.

My curiosity got the best of me because I wanted to see why everyone is using higher KV motors, like 1404 4500kv. I end up getting a set of iflight XING 2 1404 motors because I thought the new N52 curved magnets would be better in comparison to the flat magnets. Long story short, I end up reducing my throttle limit in betaflight because I did not like the higher KV motors. Sure, it has a lot more power but that is NOT what I am looking for with this style of quad.


I tried a few different props and my favorite is still the iFlight 2525 mainly because of the least amount of vibration and jello in the video.

Gemfan D63 Penta Blade
Gemfan D63 Tri Blade
Avan Rush
HQ 2.5x2.5x3
HQ 2.5X3.5x3
iFlight 2525

I will have a few more things to add about this build......

Also, this quad will rebuilt and become this:



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FlyWind   Apr 14, 2023  

What is the build weight and with 850mah battery weight? I got similar build 1404 3600kv motor analog vtx around 122gram, when fly with 850mah 4s no gopro, It screeem like hell at 100db in football field and became attraction to everybody...

wrong17   Apr 15, 2023 

The build weight is shown in the image gallery 134g. There are MANY different brand of 850mah 4s lipos so the weight depends. Most 850mah lipos are around 100g and a Naked GoPro like a 7 Black is about 27g. So, for this build you are get AUW of 261g. There are ways to get the quad 250g or less, like de casing the Caddx Vista.

As for being annoying loud, you need to use a different frame. For some reason, this is a bad frame setup. The 2 major issues is the vibrations and how loud it is. Currently, one of of my favorite frames are the GEPRC Cinelog 25, Hurrican 25, Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5", or the SNAPRING 2.5".

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