OpenHD #microlongrange

By Slowy on May 06, 2021

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I made a OpenHD remix of dave_c‘s awesome #Microlongrange project.

My goal was to create a quadcopter with 10km+ video range while still being able to fly below 250g starting weight for legal reasons.

more infos here:

OpenHD can be found here:



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SpinDoctor   May 14, 2021  

Sweet build! Could we get a video to get an idea of the video quality though?

Slowy   May 14, 2021 

I can record some when the weather gets better and I can fly again. unless then see this video from last year with the same camera and lens mounted on a plane:

please watch on YT in highest quality, not the embedded video.

BaTTaN   May 06, 2021  

Good looking build! Is that tpu at the bottom you have protecting the vtx/pie, piezero??

Slowy   May 06, 2021 

Hi and thanks !

the lower part (black) is PLA+ and thats a "Pi3 mini" -but if you follow the link there is a version for Pi0 too.
the white part holding the "VTX" is printed in PETG because of heat. The blue parts are TPU.

BaTTaN   May 06, 2021 

Great work getting it all in there!

Benno   May 06, 2021  

This is a really cute build! I guess the video transmitting would also be possible over a 4G/LTE dongle?!

Slowy   May 06, 2021 

yes there is basic support for video over LTE in there. No telemetry and RC thought.

BaTTaN   May 06, 2021  
Jodie Froster   May 06, 2021  

You runnin ELRS on that receiver?

Slowy   May 06, 2021 

No, thats the regular FrSky fport flex firmware.

Kakolukia   May 06, 2021  

Yay! Some OpenHD!

Slowy   May 06, 2021 

yea, it felt like this website needs some ^^

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