By shnlls.fpv on May 03, 2021

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The Idea

For this build I had the idea to build a 5" X8, just for fun. I didn't want to use 3D printed parts to hold the second set of motors and I didn't want to design a complete frame. Therefore I used the TBS Source ONE V4/HD frame. This frame is opensource and all the CAD data is available on the project page. I then designed new arms to hold two sets of motors. The arms consist of two arms and a cover. One motor will be screwed directly to the arm and one to the cover. The cover gets then screwed to the arm. Due to the sockets in the arms, the cover sits flush ontop, resulting in a clean look.
I uploaded the design for the arms to a github, so you can download them and recreate this build (https://github.com/shnllsfpv/source_one_X8_lifter).

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Tools & Supplies

This build requires some soldering experience as you have to solder two ESC to one FC and eight motors.

  • Soldering iron
  • 1.5mm hex driver
  • 2.0mm hex driver
  • Tweezers
  • Wire cutter


Assemble the frame as stated in the manual for the TBS Source One V4/HD, but replace the arms with the custom arms. Make sure that the sockets face the gound. You can then attach 4 motors to the arms and 4 motors to the covers. Then screw the covers to the arms from the bottom using the two extra holes. I used 12mm M3 screws and M3 lock nuts. For the stack you will need longer M3 screws, I used 40mm screws.

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The HGLRC Zeus F722 Flight Controller was chosen, as it allows for two ESCs to be connected. Also since I was going to use the DJI Air Unit, this FC had a connection for this as well, making this build a bit easier. For the ESCs I used two Holybro Tekko32. One of them was connected using the intended connector on the ESC and th FC, but the cable had to be adjusted, due to that the pins had a different order. For the second ESC I used the soldering pads on the bottom of the FC.


In the BETAFLIGHT configurator make sure to select the Ocoto X8 under Configuration

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Final thoughts

Makes sure to check all motor directions and assignements. I still have to tune this build, when I am finished, I will update this page. Also the landing gear needs to be updated, once finished and tested, I will updload it to thingiverse.




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Boeseefus   11 days ago  

Sweet Build! would love to see some flight footage once you get it tuned up.

shnlls.fpv   3 days ago 

I uploaded the first real try of some freestyle with the X8!

butcher51   25 days ago  

Very nice! :D

GQ4Life   May 04, 2021  

going to put a bug camera on it?

shnlls.fpv   May 05, 2021 

not sure yet. But a GoPro with a gimbal works just fine :)

GQ4Life   May 05, 2021 

I so want to see a small DSLR with small 18mm lens. probably weigh 600g

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