"Reliant" frame - modern lightweight Y6 frame for long range and fun

By Felias on May 01, 2021

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Hi there!

I always loved the way a Y6 looks like. In theory up to 2 motors / propellers can break (just not on the same arm), and you can still stay in the air. Sadly it requires you to use a landing gear. However using this design with 90° flipped arms, this is not the case.

Regarding the used components the frame is basically a Y6-version of the #microlongrange, so from my findings the 1404 motors fit best. I'm flying the Y6 with 3s Li-Ion packs using 4" props. The sound is quite nice and definitely not annoying on 3s, which is very important to me.
I'm flying digital only, so i'm using a Caddx vista here. The camera mount expects a width of 20mm.

With the 3s Li-Ion i get flight times of around 16-20mins (depending on if i got the GoPro on or not).

I do design frames for personal projects for fun and document the process in my Youtube-Channel.

Design details:

Build and maiden flight:

Flight performance:
coming soon

You can find the design here to build your own:

Notes about the build:
The motor plates are pushed onto the arms, and the arms onto the main plates. They are then secured with spacer bolts. The spacer bolts are a tiny little bith shorter than the frame parts, which ensures you get a very tight and reliable connection.
I didn't leave any extra space in between the parts. So depending on the drill diameter that your CNC workshop uses, you will need to do a bit of filing to make sure the part fit nicely.

I suggest using aluminium spacer bolts, as they save quite a bit of weight.

For mounting the motor plates on the arms, you need:

12 x M2 - 6mm spacer bolts: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32831145268.html
24 x M2 - 3mm screws

For mounting the arms to the main plates, you need:

6 x M2 - 18mm spacer bolts: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32831145268.html
12 x M2 - 4mm screws (or up until 6mm screws if you have them already)

For mounting the TPU camera mount you need:

2 x M2 - 18mm spacer bolts: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32831145268.html
4 x M2 - 4mm screws (or up until 6mm screws if you have them already)

For mounting the TPU GPS mount you need:

1 x M2 - 8mm (or 10mm)
1 x M2 - nut

Would love to see others build this as well! Please send me a note if you did (or video link), or use the "Made" function :-)



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butcher51   26 days ago  


drakkkooo   May 04, 2021  

Cool design. Did you also do you own cnc cutting?

Felias   May 08, 2021 

I had it cut by a friend of mine and his DIY-cnc. Especially for prototyping this is the most easy way :-)

phaley51   May 03, 2021  

Sweet design! I am very tempted to build this, will for sure check back for flight videos!

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phaley51   May 04, 2021 

Also, could this fit both a 20x20 stack and full size air unit?

Felias   May 04, 2021 

I also love the way it looks... also in the air. Very futuristic.
Regarding full sized air unit: With a 16x16 stack it should be possible, but it's a tight fit. As the Flywoo 16x16 stack is literally the only stack that there is for a hexa/y6, i don't think 20x20 is relevant? But wouldn't fit anyway, please see the pictures attached.
EDIT: Somehow it doesn't allow me to attach pictures :-(

phaley51   May 04, 2021 

Oh I see, I was under the assumption that the Flywoo stack was a 20x20. Very tempted to buy to more 2203 motors and make the switch. Will follow to watch the progress of this project as well as what future frames might also adopt this design philosophy!

Kstone   May 03, 2021  

Guessing this design isnt for 3D printing?

Felias   May 03, 2021 

I'm afraid not, it needs to be cnc cut.

Joshua_A   May 01, 2021  

Nice, love the Y6 design!
I'm also following your intofpv thread!
Amazing work, Nic!

Felias   May 02, 2021 

Thanks my friend! Nice to meet you here as well :-)

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