CMW shocker 4"

By daich on Apr 29, 2021

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youtube playlist of all flights on this build

Catalyst Machineworks are always pumping out cool looking designs that are unique and functional. They aren't very accessible in the UK so never really bothered to build one out. this frame popped up on the used market for really cheap so I couldn't resist.
the design concept is based on the remix and thus much like all the weemix builds I've done.
this means it was super easy to build. lots of room underneath with great access to everything.

due to the wide sandwiching plates, it blocked access to the USB port but I had a usb L extension from a cinewhoop that worked perfectly.
it's not the digital version so I had to pad the LHCP antenna shaft a bit and then the zip tie could make purchase to it.

still haven't found a clean solution to securing the power plug, I just zip tied it to the top sandwich plate wing thing for now.

the mini HD mount was taken from a print for the original ummagawd acrobrat -- the spacer distance was perfect, I just had to narrow it down to 20mm. Nothing two slices with a razor blade couldn't handle.

got a set of these motors on the cheap. bearings are ok. aluminum is not 7051 so softer. magnets are n48sh so not the strongest but hey, they are super cheap and DYS (bought out by Flash Hobby) made really good cheap motors so had to give them a go. They are very smooth without much notchiness. I think a 650mah 4s should give a decent 3 min flight.

I have a few of these Zeus35 boards. The last one I used had a bad twitch, probably from a bad gyro. fingers crossed on this one.

Maiden flight - just got half a battery in before the sun went down

update 18 August 2021 - added a gopro hero7 gps board

update 21 August 2021 - GPS decided to give up right when I got on location...still got a nice cruisy flight in, 800meters out over water...definitely a heart racing flight, especially when I got disorientated



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J-Lar   Aug 29, 2021  

Really nice build, im also really interested in building a 4 inch as well.
I saw you also made a similar 4 inch build but using 2203 motors in the past, how would you say they compare in terms of flying? durability issues aside :)

daich   Aug 30, 2021 

they fly very similar. The 2203 fouride had higher KV at 3450kv and was tuned a bit better (less filtering really) so I enjoyed flying it more

Craftedkwads   Aug 28, 2021  

whats your AUW with naked gopro? trying to see how my 4in sizes up

daich   Aug 30, 2021 

just weighed it at 228g with gps, 3d prints, naked gopro and ND16 filter. Just add battery. I have too many variations of those so too lazy to weigh and list.

Craftedkwads   Apr 29, 2021  

cant wait for some flight footage. Do you think those motors are suited for freestyle or long range more?

daich   Apr 30, 2021 

Got to sneak a pack in before the sun set...oh flies a beauty!
I don't really fly long range so we'll see how well it holds up to freestyle.

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