Realacc X210s Phoenix

By Xudus on Feb 27, 2017

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This is a budget build that I've been flying it for almost 3 months. It is a tight build, so decent soldering skill is required. The AIO flight controller helps to reduce soldering and space management, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

It's running Betaflight 3.1 and D-Shot 600. The hang time is incredible! It floats forever and makes acro stunts look really nice. It's also good for racing. Mounting the motors on different planes allows it to eat up corners like crazy.

NOTE: Due to serious vibration issues, I changed from the Racerstar 5042 triblades to the Kingkong 5040 triblades and soft mounted the motors and flight controller.



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Whiffles   Feb 27, 2017  

I wish they offered a little more wire length on those motors. I guess they're designed for individual ESCs rather than a 4-in-1. BTW, you've got 16 motors priced out there.

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Xudus   Apr 18, 2017 

I was able to get the FC soft mounted, but I may need some better dampers. I just used the rubber o-rings instead of the rubber damping standoffs. I'm getting some of those soon to see what kind of effect that'll have. To make bad worse, I also managed to bend my front right 4mm motor arm up by about 10° by running into a tree during an over-under. Doesn't sound too bad until you realize they don't sell spares, so I have to purchase the full frame.

I do have a set of Cyclones to try. I think I'll give them a shot today, but with the bent arm, It won't really make much sense until I get it fixed/replaced. There is very little vibration with the Racerstar props + the bent arm, so I'll keep using those until I get everything tip top.

Whiffles   Apr 18, 2017 

At least the arm pieces are the same, so if you buy a new frame you'll have another spare set of arms.

Xudus   Apr 18, 2017 

So I tried the Cyclones (first time ever). It jitters a bit less than the Racerstar, but they feel silky smooth and extremely responsive. I've been sitting on them and wasn't going to use them until I got the vibrations sorted out. Now I wish I had been using them all along.

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