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By daich on Apr 05, 2021

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well now that ive built some pretty small digital birds, with the latest firmware release for crossfire and fusion to have goggle side OSD which is what ive been waiting for tbs to release since preorder almost 2 years ago, i had to build me some analog. well what kind of bird can only be analog and not digital at this point in fpv time? tiny tiny ones!

i dug out my old lil' bandito frame which never got built out for one reason or another. it's 10g with all the hardware and prints.
it's a simple and straightforward build. motors are from the last of my cache of "i swear never to buy again" happymodel motors whose bells are made of chocolate. this set surprisingly has 1.5mm shaft but still features the dreaded 3 bolt M1.6 rubbish. gave it plenty of threadlock. fingers cross the stator wires don't fall off...i avoided looking at them as much as possible.

for those with a v1.0 mamba F411 nano 16x16 stack and want to run crossfire:

resource ESCSERIAL 1 none
resource PPM 1 none
resource SERIAL_TX 1 none
resource SERIAL_TX 1 B09

crossfire nano ch 1 -> FC SBUS
crossfire nano ch 2 -> FC PPM

set UART1 as receiver UART
set UART2 as smartaudio/tramp

This turned out not the lightest of nanos at 48g dry and 68g with 350mah 2s but should have plenty of heft to toss about. living room hover test was nice and quiet hovering at 16% throttle.

footage forthcoming!!

11th April 2021
got a few packs in this weekend, here's one of them

it's so quiet. it flies very wouldn't know it was so tiny based on the DVR. It's lacking top end...I'm thinking the battery is the choke point here...otherwise it's the motors.



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KristofFPV   Apr 07, 2021  

What batteries are you flying on? What's the flight time on 2S 350mAh battery?

daich   Apr 07, 2021 

still need to get out and fly it! I moped about in my tiny flat for about 3 and a half minutes on a 350mah 2s
450mah 2s I was getting over 4min but I kept crashing so hard to say. Will upload a pack or two once I get out!

daich   Apr 11, 2021 

uploaded a pack, on 350mah lihv 2s that are about 1 year old.... got about 2:30 so not so great. Probably if they they were non HV and a decent pack like GNB 80c 350mah it would be around 3:30

Madcatmike3d   Apr 06, 2021  

Thank you so much for the instruction on setting up the resources for crossfire!!

daich   Apr 06, 2021 

yeah, when i first looked at the diagram i was so disappointed as I had just soldered up the motors. Oddly it had a PPM port which i hadn't seen in a long time and turns out it can be easily repurposed as a UART pin. Also mamba did well to have built in logic to automatically invert the sbus pin....that also was a godsend to getting everything working. After I figured it all out, I found in Oscar Liang's comments of the review of this stack, he did the same thing to get it to work.

OptimaZe   Apr 05, 2021  

Very nice my friend.

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