By Craftedkwads on Mar 09, 2021

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5/5/21 update
Website is live! You can check it out at

The price for a full kit is $45 USD. Yeah, thats pretty high. North American made & small batch production means that it will be. Hopefully if this goes big I can hold some inventory for bigger batches and bring the price down a bit, but for now, thats what its at. Racedayquads, let me know how I can get into your store ;) Compared to alot of the frames out there, its actually a reasonable price considering the features and production. If you want to see this succeed, it would be a big help to go down to my IG @craftedkwads and @craftedkwads_fpv and follow. Would be nice to pick up a frame too! ; )
As of now, I can only do shipping to the continental US. Sorry to the folks overseas, your out of luck on this one :( Hopefully in the future I will figure that out but for now I am trying to get situated with production and selling first, sorry.

This is my own, innovative micro design, soon to be avalible for a small production batch! The Pegasus frame is everything you want in your micro lineup, quite literally. Hybrid X configuration for quick laps around a park or powerlooping parking garages, and deadcat configuration for the times you want smooth, long range cinematic flights without props in view. I am currently designing prop guards for a cine"whoop" configuration too, for proximity filming, all using the same frame, parts, and easy removal. Just one screw per arm to change out / change orientation! I will update this build with a website to preorder and learn more about this frame when I finish it. Enough of the production frame though! This is a build not a ad to try to get you guys to order it (if you want to though, please do!). V1 utilized m2 screws for the arms, but I quickly realized that in the field you are going to lose them the second you try to change them- I had to run down to my local home depot MULTIPLE times because I kept loosing them in the mess of my workbench! The final version now uses m3 socket head screws (none of that crappy buttohead stuff), and knurled thumbnuts for easy application. Each kit comes with a few extras as well, because your gonna lose them ;)

I designed this frame because I almost always only have one running kwad at a time, and its never the right one for the things I want to do. With this frame, I can fly a pack or two ripping around, then take a quick break to let the motors cool and change the orientation to deadcat. Throw it back up and I can cruise down the mountain range, with a naked gopro (which I dont have, buy this frame to fund my projects!! :)), and get some micro long range action (without props in view)!!

To change the arm you just take out a screw, pull the arm out 3mm, rotate it 30 degrees, push it in and re-do the screw, and BAM! New angle!

When in a "mode," the frame is just as strong as a frame with a fixed angle- infact, depending on the type of frame, it could be stronger due to the innovative lock plate distributing force like boomarang arms!

I made a mistake when ordering parts, so I threw on a 20x20 mamba stack I had from a older build. 16x16 is optimal for this, but 20x20 works superbly as well. The rush tank ultamate mini gives great video, and I'm super happy with the antennas and range.

This is the first build I've done with real wire managment- and it looks CLEAN. Having braces a few years ago came in handy when pilfering through drawers to find some mini rubberbands for wire managment!

Ill be posting updates as this goes along. DM me for more info on this, or check out my instagram @craftedkwads to see more!

Miryad of dual and single stack configurations- 16x16 & 20x20, 20x20 & 20x20, 26x26 (aio)
9-12mm 4 hole motor mounting pattern
Micro and nano camera mounts
4 inch props (3in when in cinewhoop configuration)
Independent, 3mm thick arms
Innovative lock plate, allowing arms to change angles, get removed with one screw, and distribute force like boomerang arms
1.5mm sandwich plates
2mm top plate
2mm braces- Fits both hybrid X and deadcat configurations



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Nikotttin   Mar 16, 2021  

Please post here when your website site is live ☺️
And I'd I've to see how the arms were designed (obviously 😁)

Craftedkwads   May 06, 2021 

Website is live! check out my update above for some more info. I can talk for ages about the arms, but long story short they are regular arms, but there is a lockplate instead of a second set of screws, with 2 nubs that correspond with the different angles.

Kakolukia   Mar 11, 2021  

Nice concept! Looking forward to the prop guards!

Craftedkwads   Mar 12, 2021 

thanks! idk why their being so hard to design... ill get then soon though lol!

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