Shendrones Siccario, BGH1 Cinelifter

By echtfpv on Mar 09, 2021

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When I first saw the Siccario a couple months back, I knew it was a mistake because of the time and money sink! I caved and bought the frame last week along with the rest of the parts, and finally maidened it LoS last night. No footage yet, waiting to purchase the Panasonic BGH1 until I'm really confident in the frame. I know if I had the cam lying around, it'd already be bolted in and flying :)

quick maiden here, will upload some better footage once I get it tuned and flying!



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Ronimo   Feb 10, 2022  

where did you get the 3d printed parts to hold the arms up ?

iLL bRO   Jun 25, 2021  

Care to share the stl for your dummy camera?

Whiffles   Mar 09, 2021  

Very cool! How do you wire the 4-in-1 ESCs up to the flight controller?

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Whiffles   Mar 15, 2021 

Awesome results! You're making me want to build one of these!

echtfpv   Mar 15, 2021 

Added video of the test's a really rough export and I forgot to record gopro on 1st battery, but google dvr is at the end if you want to check it out. Nothing special though :)

Whiffles   Mar 15, 2021 

Wow, the sound of those motors.

phaley51   Mar 10, 2021  

I have absolutely no need for this but boy something makes me want this!

echtfpv   Mar 10, 2021 

Haha, same!

phaley51   Mar 11, 2021 

I would be interested in seeing if you could run some 3115's just on the top motor mounts with 10" props, then stack some huge batteries on it and see how long you could fly it. If 10" props could fit of course.

echtfpv   Mar 11, 2021 

I'd need to go measure it and see if I'd have the clearance...10" is def too wide if they aren't above the camera, giving me some ideas though, if it was up a bit higher, running 10" above, maybe angled out slightly to get more yaw authority, it could be a fun build. Would have to rethink my esc setup too.

Alternatively, you could just move to a frame like this:!/products/x811v6

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