Species Multirotor SR2

By Billster on Apr 24, 2021

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My second speed record attempt quadcopter. Hit a peak speed of 231MPH. Back to the drawing board!


Part List

Flight Controller

Tiny's LEDs Unity Mini F7 Flight Controller v1.1 (7 builds)


Aikon AK32Pro 4in1 50A 6S BLHeli32 ESC - 20x20mm (6 builds)


4 x T-Motor F60 Pro IV V2 2550Kv Racing Motor - Choose Your Color


5.2x6.0E-B4 | APC Propellers (9 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Predator V5 Nano 1000TVL CMOS 4:3/16:9 PAL/NTSC FPV Camera (1.7mm) - Choose VersionPlug / Black (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro32 Nano 5.8GHz Video Transmitter


TBS XF Race Antenna 915 MHz (3 builds)


Lumenier Micro AXII 5.8GHz U.FL FPV Antenna - Choose Your PolarizationLHCP (59 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver


Tattu R-Line 1050mAh 95C 22.2V 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug (2 builds)


16SZ - FutabaUSA (4 builds)


Fat Shark Dominator HDO2 OLED FPV Goggles (62 builds)


RDQ Series 7.4V 2S 3000mAh 5C FPV Goggle LiPo Battery w/ Charge Indicator - Barrel Jack & XT60 (2 builds)


Cyful M3-1 Stainless Steel Self Clinching Rivet Nut Fastener Metal Fastener Tool - 50pcs


30 Pack Double Sided Adhesive Strips, Double Sided Foam Tape Strong Pad Mounting Adhesive Tape for Walls and Floor, Door, Plasti


YUNSHUO M3 Stainless Steel Square Thin Nuts DIN 562, 100pcs, Thickness 1.8mm


M3 Steel Bolt 20 Piece Bulk Buy - Choose Your Size8mm (5 builds)


M3 x .5 x 18mm Button Head Socket Screws 7075 T6 - Blue Anodized Qty. 50
See Site


M3 x .5 x 14mm Button Head Socket Screws 7075 T6 - Blue Anodized Qty. 50
See Site

Misc Parts

XT60 Connectors

Misc Parts

BNTECHGO 14 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool Red and Black Each 20ft Flexible 14 AWG Stranded Copper Wire (3 builds)

Misc Parts

iFlight FPV GPS Module for 5-7inch LongRange FPV Racing Quadcopter Drone

Misc Parts

Gorilla Crystal Clear Repair Duct Tape, 1.88” x 9 yd, Clear, (Pack of 2)

Misc Parts

BNTECHGO 18 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool Red and Black Each 25ft 2 Separate Wires Flexible 18 AWG Stranded Copper Wire

Misc Parts

Panasonic 470uF 50V Capacitor for ESC Noise Reduction (4 builds)

Video Receiver

ClearView 2.0 5.8Ghz Racer - ClearView Wireless VIdeo Solutions

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire Transmitter

Battery Charger

HOTA D6 Pro 325W 15A 1-6S Dual Channel AC/DC Smart Charger w/ Wireless Cellphone Charging (44 builds)


RDQ FPV Backpack w/ Optional Rain Fly (17 builds)


5.8 Ghz Directional Antenna (With Gooseneck) - ClearView Factory DIrect
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apc5649   Feb 14, 2022  

damn it.. i didn't realize others were onto this design. Good luck my friend.

Nabla   Dec 12, 2021  

What is the dry weight of the setup? What is the weight of the frame?

Billster   Dec 12, 2021 

530g AUW. 360g dry (w/ props) Its been a while since I weighed the frame alone so I can't remember and unfortunately my scale is broken right now. I think it was about 120g with hardware.

What_The?!   Jun 11, 2021  

how are you selecting the motors and props?..prop pitch? kv etc?. i assume you are applying pylon racing type principles?..i.e. high rpm, low diameter, high pitch, low drag?..and checking reynolds numbers for blade tip speed?

Billster   Jun 11, 2021 

Prop choice is the same as the current record holder. Although I am using a static thrust calculator to estimate. https://rcplanes.online/calc_thrust.htm
In order to go faster than 260MPH the 5.2x6 APC would need more pitch because the tip speed is right around .92 mach

FPVisioning   Apr 26, 2021  

I've thought about this quite a bit - it's worth it to get the f80s with a slightly larger lipo. I don't think the 234mph run by quadmovr had this level of aerodynamics - you'll easily be able to get the world record with that setup. Maybe slightly more pitchy propellors? How many amps did you pull on the run?

Billster   Apr 26, 2021 

Yes you are absolutley right about the lipo, the main reason I chose this one was because of it's small size. I knew the 1300 would be a better choice but it just had to be quite a bit larger to make it better in the looks department. I sort of just hoped the battery would live up to the claimed burst c-rating but I knew it probably wouldn't. Another issue is the long power wires this configuration has, further reducing the voltage. The max amps it did was 145a total, only for around half a second. I'm really happy with the speed considering how it's pretty sapped for power, but obviously was hoping the battery would be a little closer to the 190c burst rating. The props still have more speed left in them, the current record holder is using the same.

What_The?!   Jun 11, 2021 

work backwards from your speed objective. determine the rpm and pitch first. (obviously you'll need to counter for drag). if the wires are large enough v sag due to length shouldnt be an issue. battery c ratings are rubbish really. yes they might hit them but the chemistry is never the same again. toast.
im interested to know the drag trade off and where the sweet spot is in terms of size. i assume its CSA related so you could get away with a relatively high powered drone by making it tall/long?

SquishinStix   May 06, 2021  

This is awesome and the first time I've seen anything like it! Is it fun to cruise around with it some at "low speeds" of like 100mph? You

Billster   May 06, 2021 

Thanks! Yes, it wasn't setup for cruising and it has a symmetrical airfoil, but it still makes a significant amount of lift at 100MPH. It starts to become noticeable at around 75.

FPVisioning   Jun 05, 2021 

Wait . . . did you 3d print the canopy? And designed it as an airfoil?

Billster   Jun 05, 2021 

Yes it's MSLA printed. The arms have a symmetrical airfoil, but the fuselage has a slight shape to it with the top side having a bigger curve than the bottom.

Cadnee   May 09, 2021  

Are there any videos?

Billster   May 09, 2021 

See description

repli   May 05, 2021  

Let's get rdy to rumble! :-)

RomanKryvolapov   May 03, 2021  

Why you not use f80 motors?

Billster   May 03, 2021 

My thoughts were the extra power would not overcome the extra drag from the larger diameter. Only way to really find out is to just build both and see. The other reason is the record holder is using cobra 2207.

Madcatmike3d   May 01, 2021  

Holy 140 Amps, Thats awesome!!!!

techguy1623   May 01, 2021  

Looks pretty fast for its size.

Ewiley   Apr 28, 2021  

That voltage sag is impressive :D
Awesome work on the quad, that thing absolutely screams

OptimaZe   Apr 27, 2021  

Incredible! Love it!

P.k   Apr 26, 2021  

this thing means business
absolute fire!

Alien79   Apr 25, 2021  


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