By Nikotttin on Mar 08, 2021

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I love the idea of having a whoop-sized non-ducted tiny quad.
Living in Europe access to GnarlyFPV is challenging... It's always out of stock.
But the design of the "sub-atomic" is exceptional! Really. My only negatives were the inability to use a whoop FC. I thus tried to build my own nano using an old design: QAV-90L.
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I had to drill holes, flip a whoop board, remap motors, extend some motor wires et voilà.

Some comments: it's very tight. The camera is held by 2 large zipties folded together. It sits on some foam.
The frame would benefit from
1) arms longer by 5-8mm
2) thinner arms
3) thinner top plate
4) thinner carbon to make it lighter (it's almost 50gr, 9gr heavier than my 85mm whoop that used the same components).

As you can see in the pictures, KK 1935 props fit perfect. Avan blur 2inch are a very tight fit. Anything can block a prop here goes the ESC... Oh well...

My whoop still had some washout. I guess this one won't. My goal though is not to build an all-out racer. It's more to have a sub-atomic

With an insta360 go and a 300mA, 88gr cruising for 2 Min...



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daich   Mar 25, 2021  

love the 45 degree rotated FC
need more frames that do that

Nikotttin   Mar 25, 2021 

Well we get now 20*20 AIO that are interesting and light. And the build issue is that the motor pads are in an upper corner, so upper left motor = shorter wires and upper right motor = a bit longer motor wires.

daich   Mar 25, 2021 

ah, I'm on the hunt for the best frame for the fettec kiss AIO which has the motor wires unlike whoop so you don't have the unequal length issues in this format
I think like you, I'm just going to drill out a frame.
Any tips for drilling the frame?

Nikotttin   May 26, 2021 

I used a 2.2mm drill bit for metal..
Worked without problem. Make sure to be vertical as vertical as possible.

Gionata   Apr 08, 2021  

Buongiorno avrei bisogno delle imosazioi zioidi fabbrica della fc è possibile averla . pererrore non ho fatto il backupe ho perso tutto .

Nikotttin   Apr 09, 2021 

Sei tu del WhatsApp?
Non capisco cos'è imosazioi. Zioidi.

Per la FC devi sapere qual'è il sistema. il backup non è importante

Gionata   Apr 15, 2021 

Ciao ho sbagliato Nello Scrivere intendevo ipostazioni,

YanikS   Mar 24, 2021  

No issues with the AIO on 2s and the 5A limit?

Nikotttin   Mar 25, 2021 

I have 0 issue.
Obviously with the insta it really sucks the battery dry quickly. Max 2 min of

Nikotttin   Mar 25, 2021 

Maybe worth adding that I also use a 5A AIO for my 3s 2.5'' toothpick. I can slam on the throttle...
Finally ESC burn out over time, but I've never experienced it on this or the toothpick build. Instead these JHEMCU have been good FCs.

OptimaZe   Mar 08, 2021  

Love it! Ductless nano's are an absolute blast to rip around. My favorite backyard ripper is only 59mm MTM

Nikotttin   Mar 09, 2021 

Merci 😉

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