Midnight Trickster "Massive Droner 2.5"

By BaTTaN on Apr 22, 2021

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This has been an active build for the last 6 months due to beginning this build using a 20x20 AIO. However, it never did fit just right without having it lifted more than 1/4 inch off the bottom plate to clear the rear canopy braces. However, it would then be a little to long in the front allowing clearance to reposition the camera angle. Where a 20x20 AIO may work in a 3 inch Massive Droner the one I tried was just a bit too long for my 2.5 inch frame.

So I decided to use a traditional 20x20 HGLRC stack with an F7 and a 35amp esc which is a bit overkill for this build but with that said has no issues powering the T-Motor F15 4500kv which I am running both 3s and 4s on.

I purchased this frame from Catalyst Machine Works with the express intention of having a 65mm platform for my CAT 2 Micro. Its currently mounted in the next to last position and does stick out slightly but Ryan Barnes designed front bumper with an additional small strip of TPU is providing more than enough crash protection.

I was afraid that the 1106 motors would not provide enough punch with the addition of a wrap and TPU. However, that is not the case as these motors provide more than enough power on 3s and is a streak on 4s.

I am very satisfied with the frame design and the overall performance with its current configuration.

Hate these T-Motor 1106! Ive had one bend at the pedestal and another just snap. The pedestal cylinder is paper thin aluminum and in my opinion just a lighter knockoff of Emax Eco 1106 motors. Plan on updating build to 6s using 1206 motors.

A few months back I swapped the 1106 with Toka 1206 2450kv which where 6s capable and I ran for some time with 6s 450mah – 550mah however with the additional weight the flight characteristics mainly agility were greatly affected. It was a much faster model probably the fastest 65mm I’ve flow to date. While a 6s build I attempted to use one of the Nameless RC Nano GPS unit on it in an attempt to get a speed reading. I have trouble LOS with small objects when they get this fast. I tested three of the GPS units and never got a single satellite even waiting at one point for over an hour. Tested them on this build as well as two others and both where already GPS enabled builds. I was refunded for all three GPS units.

I have moved this build back to 1106 and stripped it back down to around the original build weight of 90g. The extra speed was not worth the sacrificed agility this has at lower auw. Back to the t-motor 1106 only becuase I still have multiple back-up motors.



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