OXYM 7" Foldable Long Range

By M. Tops on Feb 24, 2021

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This is my new longrange setup based on the amazing OXYM Foldable Frame by Orbi_FPV.

3D Parts are available on https://www.prusaprinters.org/social/103556-m-tops/prints or https://www.thingiverse.com/m_tops/designs

Updates :

  • 09.04.2021 - Maiden flight with the new motors (not tunned ):
  • 01.04.2021 - Installed the new motors BrotherHobby LPD 2806.5
    Alt Tag
  • 06.01.2021 - My first flight with this quad :




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jasase   Feb 06, 2023  

Does some one has a 3D model for the GoPro Mount?

aarrodri   Apr 09, 2021  

Will the frame fit a full DJI air unit?

M. Tops   Apr 11, 2021 

The back shape of the top plate is made for the Air Unit antennas and the bottom plate have enough space for the Air Unit.

iporty   May 01, 2021 

I just purchased the kit and it actually seems specifically designed for the air unit. With 90 degree mmcx connectors, the posts firmly hold the air unit by fitting to the front notches of the air unit and pressing against the 90 degree mmcx connectors. However it looks like it will only fit with 90 mmcx connectors and not straight mmcx connectors.

M. Tops   May 01, 2021 

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't try with the Air Unit I'm using Caddy Visa on this quad.

KaptainLurpak   Mar 10, 2021  

Man ! this design is amazing ! I wanted a foldable 7" really badly but i dont have the time to model one at the moment. This frame has it all !
Do you have any mounting STL files for fitting the AU in the frame ?

Will most likely buy the frame of armattan one of the next month´s.

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KaptainLurpak   Apr 14, 2021 

I just ordered the frame, Could you do me a favour and meassure the lenght of the top plate and the width ? (minus gopro mount)
I have 20700 cells incomming so i need to figure out what way to arrange them.

M. Tops   Apr 14, 2021 

Lenght : ~ 107mm
Width : ~33mm

I use a 6S pack based on : Molicel INR21700-P42A 4000mAh

KaptainLurpak   Apr 15, 2021 

Thanks alot !
The exact same cells i have ordered.
I will not fly with gopro, but it still seems that 2 cells in lenght is to long for the top plate.

drlocke   Apr 10, 2021  

Very nice build!
What is this Cinewhoop frame in your backpack?

M. Tops   Apr 11, 2021 

It's a CinematiX from fpvframe.ch

aarrodri   Mar 29, 2021  

how is the foldable action done? remove screws to fold? dis not see details.int he frame store.

M. Tops   Mar 29, 2021 

No need to remove screws 🙂
Unscrew 9 screws (1/2 to 1 turn only).

Unzu   Mar 17, 2021  

Hi, what flight times did you achieve?

M. Tops   Mar 17, 2021 

5 to 7 min with a 6s 1300mah battery
and 12 to 13 min maybe more with my custom 6s 4000mah battery.
Check my first video, I achieve 11min flight time in cold weather and the battery was not fully exhausted.

Unzu   Mar 17, 2021 

Ah cool.
I wonder what times one could achieve if the copter was optimized for long flight times, e.g. without the additional cam and mount on top of it.

M. Tops   Mar 19, 2021 

Not tested yet.

OptimaZe   Feb 24, 2021  

Beautiful footage and build. Thanks for sharing! Subbed you.

M. Tops   Feb 25, 2021 


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