Blind Pig

By fw42 on Feb 20, 2021

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Inspired by people like RCAddict and quadmovr, I decided that after a few months of flying FPV I also wanted to dip my toes into the waters of line of sight flying (not because I think it will necessarily make me a better FPV pilot but because I think it looks like a shitload of fun).

This is my "trainer build" specifically for that purpose.

I'm calling it the Blind Pig because, well, it's blind because it has no camera, and pig because it's built on the Warpig frame by Quad66.

My goals were:

  • Front props in different color than rear props to make orientation easier.
  • LEDs (front blue, rear red) on all arms and on the sides of the FC (that's why I chose the Flywoo FC).
  • Telemetry support so that I can get low voltage alerts on my radio.
  • Blackbox support so that I can tune without seeing video.
  • Lightweight enough so that I can crash it a lot without worrying too much about it breaking but powerful enough so that I won't outgrow it too quickly. I roughly aimed for the specs of the Happymodel Crux3 because I really like that one for FPV (similar weight, similar KV, similar prop, same voltage).

With every new build, I try to make sure that something is different and that I'm at least learning something new and not just building slight variations of the same things. This build is different because it obviously has no camera. What was new here for me:

  • Learned how to set up FrSky smartport telemetry via softserial.
  • Learned how to set up voltage alerts in OpenTX.
  • First time using blackbox for tuning.
  • First time using LEDs, APEX motors, HQ 3020 props, Flywoo FC, and a Quad66 frame.

I'm using a 2x1S adapter with BetaFPV 1S batteries with BT2.0 connector (for no reason other than that's what I have lying around and I didn't want to buy 2S batteries -- they are pretty light though, about 12g each, which brings this build to a total AUW of about 70g).



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thumbtwiddler   Feb 20, 2021  

if you like quadmovr you might also like bexamous, he's really good with tiny LOS quads

daich   Feb 23, 2021 

oh my, and he talks coherently while doing crazy moves too!!

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