Custom 3" HD Freestyle Quad

By DannerD3H on Feb 19, 2021

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This build is bad.. The frame is good, but too heavy for "toothpick" style build. Put some 1404s and 4S on there and it will rock.

This is my custom 3" "toothpick" (slightly to heavy to really be a toothpick.
The frame is designed based on the use of a naked Caddx NebulaPro/Vista, 16x16 stack. I also wanted replacable arms and top mount battery. I also didn't want to hard mount the camera. The 3D printed cam plug can be modified to guarantee the optimal placement of any micro cam.

Motors are 5555 kV targeted 3S.


  • Clear FPV view at any camera angle (Frame supports 10-60 degree cam tilt).
  • Frame weight(Carbon, standoffs, 3Dprints): 27,5 g
  • Dry weight(With props): 104,5 g
  • AUW(3s450mAh): 146 g
  • AUW(3s550mAh): 159,2 g
  • Flight time(3s450mAh): 3-5 min of smooth freestyle.
  • Flight time(3s550mAh): 4-6 min of smooth freestyle.
  • Ideal battery: 3s550mAh

Any good ideas for a frame name? :/
Will post the frame on Armattanproductions as soon as i have a name for it..



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FlyDaddyFPV   Jun 19, 2021  

@105g those apex are not enough eh?
im running an 80g now on 1202.5 flywoo and really dig the flight time, but would like a smidge more punch.

adding some TPU protection so I'm looking to upgrade the motors to compensate.

You feel the apex motors are good quality? are they a factor for you ? or just dont carry the higher 105g weight as you'd like?

DannerD3H   Jun 23, 2021 

105g AUW will be amazing on these motors, but dry weight is too much.. on 85g dry (120g 3s450) they are pretty good too.

Cannot complain about the quality of the motors, they look and feel amazing :) They are just not powerfull enough for me at this weight.. at least not on 3S. Didn't try 4S. Its not that they do not fly, i would just like a biit more punch. So at this weight 1404 on 4S is properly better.

Spagatti   May 01, 2021  
DannerD3H   May 03, 2021 

Yes. It is way to heavy for 3s.. You need 1404's and 4s when above 130g auw..

bengmo   Mar 14, 2021  

this is really interesting I've been searching for the perfect 3" vista build. would it fit a vista with the case still on? I'm trying to avoid going naked

DannerD3H   Mar 14, 2021 

Yes it fits a full Vista as well :)

However, I must say.. The frame is too heavy to be called a toothpick. It must be used with 1404 motors and 4S to really be enjoyable..

OptimaZe   Feb 19, 2021  

Really cool build. Love that frame!

DannerD3H   Feb 19, 2021 

Thanks! :D
It has taken some time to get all the details sorted out and still room for minor improvements.. as always xD

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