Freestyling 6-in *LOST*

By BaTTaN on Feb 19, 2021

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That's right I had to add an Emax Buzz. i do what i want! lol Seriously though its not a Tinyhawk by any stretch of the imagination.

I'll be honest I've never spent more than $100 on any of my bnf/pnps. I've gotten every single one for $99.99 or below on eBay consumer returns liquidation. Thankfully to date the worst I've had to do is flash an FC and replace an RX out of half a dozen 5-6 inch models.

This really is a flying brick that I'm able to make do anything and go anywhere there is the space for it. My favorite thing to do with it is to power dive soccer goal posts then come back up to some sick deafening power rolls or loops.

The noise this quad produces during hard maneuvering is truly unique and very attention grabbing. However with that said I am able to perform all of the maneuvers and tricks with a 65mm setup that I can with this in more unique locations and drawing less attention during the process. However some days I have the itch to pull this guy out of the hanger and head to soccer fields during hours they are unoccupied.

I use 6s 1300-1500mah packs and am in the process of adding crsf and gps with tpu mount as well as adding motor wire sheathing and generally just pimping it out

Added AKK 2mw vtx, GPS Unit, CRSF RX, ORT Pagoda v2, and 50v Cap. Plan on moving the Emax Magnum OmniF4 over to INav soon.


Its a sad sad day as one of my favorite and most powerful rigs that I have been ripping with since 7/8/2000 was lost today. Have not flown it last couple of weeks and forgot I chanced output power on the VTX to fly at an AMA site and forgot I did not have rescue mode enabled on a channel when taking it to a spot I have never flown during a 20mph windy day. 25mW sitting lost orientation as I was flying from a driver seat with my long range double VAS Pepperbox Extremes thinking I can explore a new spot but nope. First ever quad over 65mm I have ever lost and its been almost two years since that event at another first time at an unfamiliar location. 25mW and it should have been on 2W as it normally was. I even waited for minimum sat connections but no rescue mode. I got my moneys worth that’s for sure and not having a kick ass 6 inch will motivate me to build the 6 inch Wu Tank Max I have had everything to build for months….



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