Brushed 8520 "Toothpick"

By MrSmoothFPV on Feb 06, 2021

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First want to say thanks to OptimaZe for the frame! I'd been wanting to build a brushed "toothpick" for quite awhile now, but frames for such a thing just seem hard to find, especially since I do not own a 3d printer. But I was luckily able to get my hands on one so I was finally able to put one of these together. Really simple straight forward build, very little soldering especially since I went for an AIO board with an spi rx. If I were using a full size rx, I would've positioned the vtx antenna in a more ideal position, but this obviously isn't a build with long range in mind, that's why the antenna is placed where it's at. The only issue I came across with this frame is that the flight controller has to sit quite high which makes it so that both the standard, and extended whoop styled fc grommets will not work, unless you want to flip the fc. I ended up gluing the taller grommets to the frame with some Uhupor (amazing stuff for foam plane repairs), then placing my fc and canopy on top, then again using Uhupor to glue some small screws into the top side of the grommets. Everything seems to be holding fine, but I really won't know til I fly it and get a few crashes under its belt.



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jdmkramer   Feb 24, 2021  

Really nice! I keep looking at my 8520 motors all stuck to each other and think about all the fun we had together. My first 3d printed quad part designs were addons for those cheap amazon frames. I'd love to see flight footage!

MrSmoothFPV   Feb 27, 2021 

Thanks! I've only been able to fly one pack through it so far and it needs quite a bit of tuning, really bad oscillations. I got a handful of batteries charged for it tonight, gonna see if I can't get it tuned and flying nicely tomorrow!

thumbtwiddler   Feb 07, 2021  

looks sick! I remember when kabab started the whole toothpick project he basically made one of these but with one of those cheap carbon I-shaped frames you could get on amazon for five bucks. I've been thinking about trying it out but I'm worried that the frame is going to be too heavy. Did you happen to weigh the frame before assembly?

MrSmoothFPV   Feb 07, 2021 

Thank you! And I remember that too, I believe he called it the "flying prius" or something along those lines lol. The frame by itself weights 8.8 grams. My build came out to a dry weight of 42.5 grams. So yea, it's a little on the heavy side. I think the frame is going to hold up really well in a crash though, it's quite beefy. If weather permits this week and I'm able to give it a maiden, I'll report back and let you know how it flies!

thumbtwiddler   Feb 09, 2021 


OptimaZe   Feb 06, 2021  

Looks fantastic! Glad I could help. Happy flying my friend!

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