Impulserc Micro Apex 4" HD Caddx Nebula Pro

By jasperfpv on Feb 05, 2021

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When i got the email of the latest frame release from Impulserc , I knew i couldn't resist it. I'm a fan of 4" and Micro Apex 4 looks a lot more proportional next to the 3" so the choice was easy.

It's a quality kit and a real step up from Micro Alien/Reverb which are super tight for build.

I went with Nebula Pro for slight weight and cost saving. As for the motors, i really wanted T Motors 2004 but there's no local stock and I'm too impatient so i got some HGLRC Aeolus 2004 as used by Dave_C Rekon Micro LR 5". They look pretty slick in green.

Dry weight 218g so no sub 250g here.

Here's the link to the impulserc official antenna mount file on Thingiverse.

Had a few packs yesterday and it's a great flying quad with minimal tuning needed on stock BF 4.25



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ojwright845   Apr 17, 2022  

nice job man. have you upgraded to BF 4.3 on this one? reason for the ask - I'm just getting around to replacing the analog components with Vista and curious on your pids and filters. coincidentally mine is now identical to yours other than the FC stack (HGLRC on mine).

jasperfpv   Apr 18, 2022 

Thanks. I was still on BF 4.26 when I built and recorded the videos. 4S PID were on BF 4.2.6- Roll 46 .95. 40, pitch 50.100.46, Yaw 46 . 100.0
RPM filtering , Dshot 300, gyro filter reduced slightly.

I had updated most of my 5" to BF 4.3 so I will do the same to Micro Apex too and try it out.

ojwright845   Apr 18, 2022 

thanks for the reply! I built mine analog when the frame first came out. at the time I was moving to digital and never really flew the micro apex (or tuned it). now I'm finally getting around to installing the caddx Vista and see how this thing performs. I am going to try your suggestion with BF 4.3 as soon as we get some better weather up here in the Northeast.

YanikS   Mar 22, 2021  

How loud is the drone? Also i'm thinking on going with 1404, 1505, 1606 or 1408 motor (inspired by babyhawk hd 1404, maybe also run 3.5inch props) you think that would work well enough?

jasperfpv   Mar 22, 2021 

It is not as quiet as Toothpick and it will scream with heavy throttle but still a few notches down from 5" with GoPro noise. 1606 or 1408 should have plenty of power for 4" or 3.5" props.

ICARU5   Feb 24, 2021  

Thanks for the link to the impulserc official antenna mount file.

nickbusscher   Feb 05, 2021  

Sweet build man, looking to do something similar! Do you think there is a way to get it under 250 grams with the vista? Perhaps lighter motors (though these seem pretty light already), ditching the protector and using an AIO FC/ESC board, but not sure if that will cut down the weight enough.

jasperfpv   Feb 05, 2021 

i think it will be really hard to get under 250g AUW for HD unless you go for much lighter motors, decase the Vista unit, rid of arm skids, wire protector, avoid heavier battery pad and use 450mah 4s.

nickbusscher   Feb 05, 2021 

fair, 450mah won't be great :(

3Style.fpv   Feb 23, 2021 

normal vista + nebula pro + ~45g frame, 450mAh 6S pack and no extras - could be doable

Logibear   Feb 19, 2021  

Really like the build. How do you like the 2004 motors on the 4in frame? It looks like they are very smooth from the video.

jasperfpv   Feb 20, 2021 

I do like 2004 for the heavier 4" and light 5". It is smooth and i have good control.

shaakirm   Feb 08, 2021  

could you post link to the hd antenna holder 3d print?

jasperfpv   Feb 09, 2021 
fw42   Feb 06, 2021  

Nice. What battery are you using and what kind of flight times are you getting?

jasperfpv   Feb 06, 2021 

Thanks. I'm using 650 and 850mah 4S at thr moment, getting 3-4 minutes flight time.

OptimaZe   Feb 05, 2021  

I like it!! Nice build!

jasperfpv   Feb 05, 2021 

Thanks. Appreciate it.

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