DJI FPV Armattan Bobcat

By rallin0s on Feb 04, 2021

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Build Purpose:
My take on a semi long range 4" build, GPS will be added shortly as I cant find a mount.

Flight Time:
Got about 8-10 minutes flight time with a 4s 850mah lipo, hoping to be able to clear 25/30 with the 18650 4s pack by Flywoo made for the Explorer LR.

UPDATE: Upgraded to Airblade Superman 1905 motors to try and maximize flight time, currently its

Frame Pros

  • Love how this frame looks like a shruken down Badger
  • How it can be built with the rear arms in the middle or all the way at the back.
  • The fact it can carry a full size air unit with recording capabilities is just great, I know it doesnt look as good as a GoPro but its nice to be able to just grab something small and relatively light to capture 1080p footage with no breakup like with the vista goggle only recording.

Frame Cons:

  • No supplied parts or design to even mount GPS to it even though Armattan markets this frame as a 4" long range equipped frame.



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maereax   May 11, 2022  

Hey man this build is awesome but wild. How does having such big motors on a 4" LR work out? Do you get decent efficiency on them? I'm looking to do a full air unit bobcat build and yours is one of the only results that come up. Do you have any preferred props other than the gemfan 4024?

rallin0s   May 14, 2022 

i haven't spent enough time with this build to be able to troubleshoot props, the build was ripped apart to build up a micro apex 5 instead as i just didn't like the style of the bobcat frame. the apex build isn't done yet the 1905's did work extremely well on the bobcat though tons of power and extremely efficient.

dionm1968   May 07, 2021  

Nice Build..How does your GPS work being mounted so close to you camera?

AVGVSTVS   Apr 18, 2021  

How do you like the new 1905 motors? I'm considering a 4" Micro Apex build with them on 6S but there's been little feedback on what they're like.

Bootsfpv   Feb 11, 2021  

hey man nice build is there anyway you can put a single ant for analog and imortal t mount on thingsverse that would be awesome

rallin0s   Feb 11, 2021 

Hey, Sorry but my design skills aren't very good and it took me about 3 hrs to make the existing bobcat antenna mount I posted up, and I just don't have the spare cycles right now to make another. I would recommend the mount for what your looking for.

optikool   Feb 26, 2021 

I'll be posting an antenna holder for analog and immortal t soon, once I finish my Bobcat build.

phaley51   Feb 08, 2021  

Building my own bobcat right now and also just pre-ordered the v2 dji goggles. Do you prefer the full size air unit to the vista since it can record dvr onboard? Did you have to mount the esc in reverse due to the space restrictions the full size air unit creates?

Also, I like the gps and xt30 mount, any interference with the battery cable on the gps? Im running inav on mine and not sure how that would play with the magnetometer but that was where I was planning on mounting it.

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phaley51   Feb 16, 2021 

Noticed that you have updated the motors, what size did you go with and how has that impacted flight performance/time?

rallin0s   Feb 16, 2021 

i went with airblade 1905 2100kv motors and i flew with my 18650 3000mah li-ion for about 8 minutes and was still at 3.8v so could have flown for much much longer being able to drop a li-ion to almost 2.5v, power is still there to be able to pull out of a dive or avoid a tree. but for the most part this was built to be similar to a mavic air but have acro mode.

phaley51   Feb 16, 2021 

Cool good info to know. I was thinking of getting the fpvcycle 2203 2800kv motors eventually and run both 3 or 4s li-ions. Currently have betafpv 1505 3600 kv motors and will run those first, potentially upgrade later on. Was looking to do something similar to your intent. Going to build everything up this week. On current frame with 3s 18650 3000mah i get around 19 minute flight time with the betafpv motors.

AVGVSTVS   Feb 04, 2021  

That looks awesome, I didn't think a full air unit could fit in this frame! I want to convert my current Diatone F4 LR build to a Bobcat but I use an AIO whoop board and the Bobcat doesn't have the correct mounting points. Do you think the board would stick out past the carbon too much if I use a 3D printed whoop board adapter?

rallin0s   Feb 04, 2021 

ill have a look, i think it would fit with a vista but maybe not the air unit, do you have a file i could print and see if it will fit with the Air Unit and a 25x25 whoop board. i wouldn't be worried about it sticking out the sides as much as how far back can you move the Air Unit to get it to fit the extra point of the whoop board unless you ran the whoop board at a 45° angle so it actually sits in there square.

AVGVSTVS   Feb 06, 2021 

Oh I just fly analog so don't have to worry about fitting an air unit, I was just wondering about how it sticks out the sides. I'd prefer to mount mine diagonal like it was meant to be rather than rotated and corrected for in software, the wiring works better and I prefer the lack of complexity, I just wonder how protected the edges of the board will be, how far would they protrude past the carbon?

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