Crusader GT2 150

By mcowger on Feb 21, 2017

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Decided to replace my Atom with something a little more powerful, and also more durable. I generally dislike frames that use the stack as a structural element (like the atom does), and so the Crusader is a perfect replacement. Easy to build, and even carries a GoPro Session.



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the_AdimalFPV   Nov 08, 2017  

Thinking about using this build as a starting point for my first build. I want to design a 3" but I would like to have a runcam split 2 incorporated. Is there enough room in this build to possibly fit that? Also could i run the Diatone 1408 4000kv motors?

mcowger   Nov 09, 2017 

I have a Split waiting to be installe, just haven't gotten to it yet. It would be REALLY tight - you'd have to move the RCRx/VTx from off the stack to make it fit.

The 1408s should be fine I think.

the_AdimalFPV   Nov 10, 2017 

Hmmm, maybe I should opt for a more spacious frame for an easier first build. Looks super sleek, but I don't want to make it harder than it has to be.

sirasistant   Jun 15, 2017  

Hey! what are the PIDs you are using for this build? i use a very similar one!

Kamou   Apr 12, 2017  

Hi I got one question about the fc you linked in your build description.
I just bought this awesome 150 frame and since this will be my first build i'm a bit confused about the various fc sizes.
I measured the distance on the 150 frame mounting holes and they are about 20mm far from each one.
The fc you linked it seems to have 30x30 mounting holes.
Did you end uo doing some modification on the frame or am I just getting it all wrong.
Please let me know I'm looking forward to order the missing pieces and get this build done.


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Kamou   Apr 13, 2017 

I was thinking about this fc: FLYCOLOR Raptor S - Tower F3

mcowger   Apr 13, 2017 

Don't forget you need to add a receiver and VTx to that. There's just not really enough room on this aircraft to do a 4in1 ESC - they have to go on the arms.

Kamou   Apr 13, 2017 

OK i'll take your suggestions as religiously as it can get :)
Thank's a lot for your support

SadisticLeprechaun   Feb 25, 2017  

Nice quad, how do you like the BF FC?

mcowger   Feb 25, 2017 

Very happy with it. Makes for a nice clean build. I did have to adjust my build order to accomdate the double sided nature of the board and think ahead, but it's worth it for a clean build. I have 2 more on the way.

pro XY   Feb 24, 2017  

Not sure if you watch any of Joshua Bardwell's vids on youtube, but that honeydrop antenna did horrible in his shootout. Food for thought. I think a small orange whip or omnivision antenna would look great on this little guy.

mcowger   Feb 24, 2017 

I did see that. I bought these before his video came out. I've tried both the honey drop and Triumph and on the ranges on use this quad for (very short-like 300meters) , they both perform the same. I probably won't buy any more, however.

It's also unlikely I'll put them on my larger 5" machines :)

snootux   Feb 21, 2017  

Great build! How do you like those motors? Why 3200kv over 3800kv?

mcowger   Feb 21, 2017 

I'm running 4S and fairly aggressive 3x4.5x3 props, so the 3800 isn't really needed.

I've only flown it in my (very small) front yard, so I dont know how well it flies yet, but I'm happy with the punch out from the 3" props.

I'm actually most happy with the combination of the Betaflight F3 board, XM Receiver direct soldered and the TBS unify stacked on top with SmartAudio....super handy and clean build. Stuffing those 20A Aikons was a challenge.

snootux   Feb 21, 2017 

What do you think is the best combination motors props for my build thanks for your help

mcowger   Feb 21, 2017 

I don't think you will have any choice in the 3.5" range besides 3545 - both GemFan and DAL make that combo and I don't see any others.

Given how aggressive those are, and you are already over the recommendation for the motors, I'd probably stick with 3200kv rather than 3800, which would be more appropriate for 3S and 3" 3x3 props.

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