By kwadkenstine on Jan 27, 2021

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Eashine Lal 5 Style.
So close but yet so far.
They were cheep.
$198.00 Aud,
I bought 2.
So close to being a fantastic all rounder .
BUT . ..
IMHO un flyable out of the box.
There are a bunch of things . Small things , stupid things , common sence things .

  1. Every bolt was loose.
  2. the frame is 20mm too short to comfortably fit a lipo and a gopro.
  3. Battery strap position not optimal.
  4. Build strategy poor. By this i mean there are things to be avoided or done diferently. (battery leads and vtx coax should be seperaited as much as possable, also the rciever placed over the battery cables is not the best and the supplied cap is too small.
  5. Too many science holes in the top plate.
  6. Too tall and too few standoffs .
  7. Fc and esc too close together , one extra nylon nut would fix this.
  8. Tpu arm bumpers make it hard to tighten the outer motor bolts.
  9. Props are in view a lot .
  10. Battery lead placement ruined this quad.
    Things i doo like.
  11. the motors while full of balancing mud are good.
  12. The frame overall is stiff enough.
  13. Reciever camera and antenna mounts are , while printed tpu , are well made and thought out .
  14. Fc and esc seem fine.
  15. The 20 x 20 mm mounting holes in the rear is perfect for a vista.
    In conclusion , with a full rebuild and a bit of thought to cable management it has turned out ok.
    Mods. LAL 1
  16. shorter standoffs.
  17. Re rout battery cables out the side and c tie to standoff.
  18. Add bigger cap
  19. Replace cam , vtx and reciever with vista.
  20. Locktite all the things.
    Mods. LAL 2.
  21. Add FR SKY R9m .
  22. Add locktight and tighten bolts.
  23. Hope for the best.
    There were many . But primarily the vtx on both would not play with the fatshark dom v4 module i use on my dji goggles. Other screens i tried seemed to work fine as did the module with other vtxs. So i do not know what is going on there . and the manner in which the battery leads and the vtx coax are done from factory is a no no.
    So cheep they are , cheerfull they are not.
    Not for beginners . from not being a viable craft out of the box to being way too powerfull , and a battery killer if restraint is not used.



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