Armattan Bobcat Caddx Vista - Mid range cruiser

By shaz on Jan 26, 2021

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I am moving further and further down the scale from building 7" massive long range rigs to 2.5", 3" and 4" tiny and micros.

I own two tadpoles, I bought them fully assembled because I didn't want to deal with soldering tiny pads but then Armattan announced the Bobcat and while it's a very awkward frame as far as where it sits in the heirarchy. I think it makes a solid mid range cruiser especially with the wide H-style arms and abundant space in the platform.

I got this as a kit, came with everything. At the time of purchase, Armattan offered it with the CL Racing F4 Mini and Spedix 4-in-1 5S ESC. For my needs, I am planning on using 525mah, 650mah and maybe 850mah, 4S with XT30. You can technically strap a 1300mAh XT60 to it but I really think that a 5" quad would be more suitable for that type of battery weight.

Motors are the Armattan A1404 run of the mills. But the props are unique. T4x2.5 HQProps make for a very quiet craft while remaining relatively nimble. Keep in mind, you're not going to be clearing gaps and doing flips and rolls with this thing. I mean you can, but I built this mainly for cruising.

Slapped a vanilla caddx vista with a shortened video cable, stock antenna and I must say, Armattan are at a league of their own when it comes to mounting VTX hardware, it's just a breeze and the final product is very clean.

As far as tune.. mostly bone-stock for the CL Racing F4 Mini.. Unable to find any firmware update beyond the 3.5.7 it comes with so I am limited by what I can do in that. But overall it's pretty smooth minus some propwash on extreme yaw turns.

Next for this is I want to attempt running Li-Ion 4S @ 3000mAh. I don't know how these props will handle the weight but running 850mAh has proven promising thus far.



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rallin0s   Jan 28, 2021  

Very interested in knowning the flight times your getting with this setup especially with the 4s 3000 mah li-ion. Currently building up a bobcat but with the full size DJI Air Unit . Although otherwise its the exact same spec except I'm running 1408 emax t-mount motors.

shaz   Feb 01, 2021 

I just flew a 4S Li-Ion I quickly threw together, I didn't have any VTC6 30a, but I had a bunch of 15a cells laying around. Both 3000mAh. I didn't get even close to half way on my pack and I was in the air for 8 minutes. I had 15.5v left so if I do some hillbilly math, I would think I at least have another 7-8 minutes left. Surprisingly these 1404 Armattan motors held their own. But I definitely think there's room for a more efficient motor without sacrificing efficiency too much. Overall, very impressed with the performance, tune definitely needs a lot of love.

One thing for sure, there's no way in hell to fly this in Li-Ion and keep it under 250g. I am pushing close to 400g but I imagine if I wanted something quiet to cruise with, I can slap a naked go pro hero 8 and get at least 15-ish minutes of stable flight time.

shaz   Feb 01, 2021 

I should also add that I was pretty close to reaching the draw limit of those cells. Average draw against the wind doing about 60% throttle I was pulling 11-12a, 6-8a with the wind. So I highly recommend going with the 30a VTC6's to gain some headroom in case you need to bail or catch a fall.

rallin0s   Feb 04, 2021 

thanks for getting back to me, i got mine up in the air yesterday and it flys great! got about 8 minutes on a 850 mah 4s because the motors are 1408's. looking to try out the 18630 flywoo explorer battery on it this weekend (also vtc6 cells) hopefully i can break a km and 25 minutes.

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