David C Mini Long Range

By Davidpe on Jan 16, 2021

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After thoroughly enjoying the David Cledon Micro Long Range that I built last year, I was excited to see a new frame called the Mini Long Range. David took an already great design and made it better IMO. The Mini Long Range is purpose built for medium range flights using the new ultralight 2004/1950 KV motors from Brotherhobby. It gives the flexiblity to fly both 4s and 6s Lipos. I've also been flying a 4s Li-Ion that gives me 25 minutes of flight time.

The frame is still free access through Thingiverse and I had Nick at CNCmadness [https://cncmadness.com/] cut it with his premium treatment. This included countersunk holes on the carbon and chamfered edges. He also includes all of the required hardware short of the 3D prints. The build was pretty straighforward from a mounting perspective but a little tricky when it came to wiring. I like to keep my wires clean so decided to run them under the Vista unit.

This was my first build with the iFlight Succex-D Mini F7 TwinG stack. I've used some of their other 20x20 designs and they've worked great. This one incorporates a wire harness connection point for the DJI system and another wire harness to connect the FC and BL32-4IN1ESC. It definately cuts down on the build time not having to soldering these connection points. Although I've not been a big fan of this method in the past, I'm impressed with this one.

The Micro & Mini long range experience is super fun. It's exhilerating to be out 3-4Km on such a small aircraft. The GPS rescue works great as does the ever pleasing DJI Vista system. Total game changer for me after almost 10 years of flying analog FPV. I only wish I had a smaller HD form factor for my micros!



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UAVTEAM   Feb 24, 2023  

Thank you for your answer
I was looking for a stabilized camera with a video output I would like to stream

UAVTEAM   Feb 24, 2023  

hi your drones are amazing.
also the Mobigital 7 work great.
Can I ask what camera you have mounted on the David C does it have an hdmi output?
bye thank you

Davidpe   Feb 24, 2023 

Thank you. Appreciate your nice comment. The FPV camera is a vista with Nebubula Pro and it has a naked GoPro 7 Black. No HDMI out

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