Babytooth 1202.5 1s build

By gvngoheavy on Aug 19, 2021

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Aug 2 2021
This build I feel like has been a looong time coming. It just apparently took the express LRS SPI AIO boards to push me to make it happen. Everything is in the mail at the moment. We'll see just how long it takes BetaFPV to get me that order. For a while now Ive only been flying my overweight 75x. So Im moving away from building filming rigs that I never fly and trying to listen to what I actually fly.

Aug 18 2021
Welp here we are with a completed quad that still needs to be configured. Stoked on how clean the build is, but a little dissapointed with where the weight is sitting. I think I might be able to eek out another 2g with shorter mount screws and shorter battery pigtail, but im kinda baffled by where the weight is hiding. The antenna? The camera? I dont know.

Aug 25 2021
I knew this build was just too smooth. I was having some serious issues flashing blheli of any sort, didnt matter what firmware or configurator I used, same issues. i had the wierdness where only a couple escs would show up at a time, and it was never the same escs. decided to check the simplest thing first, shorts or rogue solder.
While pulling the quad apart wouldnt ya know it the damn Betafpv antenna ripped the u.fl connector right off the board, not even enough trace left to try and resolder anything without going directly to the pin of the filter which is definitey beyond my ability or dexterity. So out comes the spare board I half accidentally bought, and the build starts over again.
Second time through the build goes together just as easy. Now to try for the configuration and flashing if escs. And wouldnt you know it the escs are still giving me shit. I get them flashed after a lot of what seems like a game of chance, but motors are still not spinning consistently. at
first they wont spin up unless I blip the master motor control in betaflight to full then back to 15%. After a couple of those trials three of the motors are working normally enough but the fourth is being stubborn. Eventually that last motor came around and started working fine. This is on 24khz bluejay release 14 firmware. When I first got the escs flashed I flashed to 48khz but after the crap motor response I flashed to 24khz and started getting a better response from the motors.
In the end I got it rolling and test hovered it. nice and quiet, no wobbles or vibrations... here we go!
So after a touch of figuring out that pitmide was still on were off on our maiden with a partially charged 520mah battery.

A last note on this build for now: Although this build and the TKS78 have been the quickest and smoothest builds Ive undertaken this Betafpv 12a 1s board is pretty frustrating with the esc issue and the antenna being so tight onto the u.fl port that it ripped off. I used a plastic smudger tool to accurately remove the antenna, but still it got jacked up. Even after I was not able to get the connector oht of the antenna whole. I brought the issue to Betafpv through their warranty claims and was offered a 20% discount off the purchase of a new aio, which is better than nothing but still not too much. Eitherway this quad now flies so I cant be too upset.



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Madcatmike3d   Aug 19, 2021  

That's a super clean build!! I have a few suggestions, only if you're looking to cut a few grams. It's going to fly wonderfully just how it is though, just do you know. First thing is to ditch the CP antenna for a Dipole. It's not much, but it should be a gram or 2. Second thing, is that I'd probably ditch the XT30 for the GNB27, just because it's 1s, so I doubt you'd get brown out. The biggest place I save weight is on the motor screws. Nate Payne (Mr. Shutterbug) Suggested switching motor mounting screws with Reny screws, from They're a super tough plastic that weighs a fraction of the what the steel screws weigh. Plus the weight is saved from out away from the CG, so it's a great place to shed weight. Here's a link.

When I ordered mine, I got M2 by 4mm, 6mm, and 12mm long. I use them anywhere I can on light builds, and you can really tell a difference when you're finished with the build. Good luck!!

gvngoheavy   Aug 19, 2021 

Thank you! Ill have to check out those screws. Yeah youre right, that antenna definitely is the first glaring weight adder. Im testing out the TBS linear sticky antenna on a TKS78 2in build right now and if that works out ill get one for this build too.

Jodie Froster   Aug 21, 2021 

I'd like to chime in here: on a short range build I often do not notice any difference between an omni and a whip (reception wise). Great tip.

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