Tiny (allround) Trainer HD | Caddx Vista

By 3Style.fpv on Dec 08, 2020

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Decided to go for this lil' guy to enter the hobby after racing electric offroad cars back in the days.


  • tuned and developed by evan + tons of information
  • affordable
  • robust
  • silent
  • snappy
  • sub 250g even with naked GoPro

Approach - allround package:

  • HD (the essence of FPV from my perspective)
  • adjustable cam angle
  • able to turtle
  • carry naked GoPro
  • no worries of range, ability to explore
  • maintain robustness

3D printed parts:

  • custom camera canopy to fit HD Vista Cam, adjustable angle 0 - 60 degree (markers on side to estimate angle), offers quick mounting opportunity for 4K shots
  • arm protectors
  • custom, angle adjustable naked GoPro Mount with max protection


  • first tried naked vista and LEDs
  • naked vista burnt after crash on 700 mW after leaving it for 5 min with autoprotection turnt off - leave it ON!
  • jamming in cables for LEDs was a tight fit; got rid of them after all (esp. because of FC selection with included LEDs)
  • ended up with normal vista for max robustness, mounted in line using custom made plastic mounts for mininum height gain (squeezed gummis of FC mount a bit to lower overall height, thus cut off about 1,5 mm off the USB connector not to rip the battery ;) )
  • added tape to prevent FC from shorts on the carbon
  • USB connector of FC easily accessible using this type of FC
  • leave out middle screws of battery holder to change TPU part when using a bigger battery without dismounting the FC and Vista Unit
  • cut out canopy by a lot to fit the vista, added cooling holes on top for vtx, made room for antenna cable in the rear
  • mounted full size Immortal-T to canopy with battery holding it in place
  • 90° angled battery connector for minimum cable length; use cutted TPU part for cable anchorage
  • added 1,5 mm washers under canopy screws to fit everything under, used longer secondary FC screws in the rear
  • cutted the fin, drilled small hole and added motor screws to prevent vtx antenna from slipping out; serves to keep distance for turtle mode after crash
  • no need mounting the camera fully fixed, just tightened the screws so that the camera angle is barely movable but adjustable witout tools
  • use loctite
  • props as good as not in sight

It bugs me that the AUW is a little high due to giving up the naked vista idea for robustness but atm I don´t care too much (hangtime here I come).
Other than that I made my own awesome freestyle ripper, explorer, racer, filmmaker and after all - trainer to improve in the hobby.

Kudos to all the youtubers out there sharing your knowledge and making this effort - it can´t be valued enough!!



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howboutthatFPV   Dec 14, 2020  

Flight Footage? Definitely thinking about adding that gopro addition to mine.

3Style.fpv   Dec 15, 2020 

will upload something soon ... winter does not leave much light after work ;)
already produced raw footage of a facility- flight plus reelsteady which looks quite promising, so gopro-mount seems to work flawlessly.
in a crash, the mount can be bent back depending on how tight the screw is ... which for me works as a good protection- mechanism for the cam

goodshort   Jun 09, 2021 

How is the flying experience? Can it still fly okay? You're adding 45g almost here.

3Style.fpv   Aug 06, 2021 

still flies ok! for cinematic - perfect, for freestyle - limited!
better check out my new build 3Style - a freestyle HD ripper, also with GoPro option! will be uploaded soon!

Redracefpv   Dec 09, 2020  

looks like a DRL RACING QUAD

3Style.fpv   Dec 11, 2020 

thank you, that is also evans intention ;)

Redracefpv   Dec 11, 2020 

ok, cool build bro!

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