SPEAK softly , carry a BIG STICK

By kwadkenstine on Dec 06, 2020

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Hi All.
X Class under 200 aud.
Well almoste .
Frame + motors + props- under $200.
All the other bits are recycled .
What else can i say.
Oh yeah, Flight stack is a mamba 40amp .No it didnt fit in the darkmax body so i used a racerstar 35amp esc.
Is a 40amp esc big enough for an x class. Well we will find out. the spec sheet for the motors states about a 30a draw with 14inch props and 4s.
So I understand bigger esc's are the go with x class . but this is not a competition rig . But an excercise , experement or just a folly , But boredom and curiosoty are pushing me to at least try.
I do have some bigger 80amp esc's ordered , But with the state of transport in the world today , who knows when shit will turn up.
So let me know what you think ???
I am building the frame today and installing the electronics tomorrow so in about 3 days i will share the results, if it is not raining or 45c in the shade. The weather here at the moment is STRANGE to say the least.
Cheers untill next time.
Whaaaaa whaaaa whaaaaa IT FLIES
The maiden went better than i hoped . running 2 4s 1300 gnb in parralell .
Needs a little more p , She got the slow wobbles . only slightly , but she is not the fastest . I can see the potential for more power . bigger esc higher voltage and bigger capacity lipos . Or a big 18650 pack.



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Jayembee67   Dec 16, 2020  

Congrats on a fatter data pipe! But we shall all expect more footage now ;-)

Yes, rather bouncy but look, it does indeed fly, and I have to say, normally props-in-view is a negative, but with these big beasts, it's actually quite interesting seeing them spin up and down. Another worthwhile experiment for sure!

kwadkenstine   Dec 16, 2020 

Yes i was tickled by the prop speed playing games with the shutter on the dji cam.
A lighter frame and bigger escs are in the pipe.

havenhaven   Dec 14, 2020  
kwadkenstine   Dec 11, 2020  

Hello folks . after having discussions with my IP i finally got decent upload speed , not 24hours to upload a 4 min vid . so i will be posting more on my YT channel . Starting with the flight of the this WOBBLY BEAST .

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