Nano Ripper Ductless Brushless 1S "Whoop"

By OptimaZe on Nov 23, 2020

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Got this nano frame from a member here and couldn't wait to get it built. This little thing is AWESOME!! By far my best handling, and fastest 1s "Whoop" Perfect backyard/indoor 1s micro. I'm using the 22,000kv ball bearing version of BetaFPV's 0802 motors. They scream on the Nitro Nectar Gold 250's.



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Amadneon   Aug 13, 2021  

How long is the flight time with those 250mah packs?

OptimaZe   Aug 14, 2021 

In this configuration I was getting about 2 and a half minutes. In the lighter Housefly configuration I gained about 30 seconds.

Nikotttin   May 26, 2021  

Next board: ELRS!

RotorHead   Dec 26, 2020  


jason.gauruder   Dec 10, 2020  

looks great! is the frame standard 65mm wheelbase ? I've been looking to find a 65mm wheelbase carbon or fiberglass frame to play around with. this may be the ticket.

OptimaZe   Dec 11, 2020 

Thanks! This frame is smaller. It has a 59.5mm wheelbase.

Kstone   Nov 29, 2020  

So what are you using for a receiver as this is not clear based on the parts list?

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OptimaZe   Dec 01, 2020 

All of the AIO boards with integrated RX's I've ever owned had limited range, so I just started using boards with no RX and adding my own.

Kstone   Dec 01, 2020 

Its not a range issue but a lack of Taranis firmware support for me. Unfortunately this is something that BetaFPV is both aware of and has decided to do nothing about.

Note: I dont fly more than 100m away so range has never been a consideration.

Just look at some of BetaFPV's 2S FC's and then dig into what they really support vs the marketing hype. It will surprise you to see what they've failed to support.

All the same thought... i really like your little quad.

OptimaZe   Dec 01, 2020 

Thanks, and that makes sense why you'd be irritated with them. I'll have to look into it.

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