I TRY Y6...Y

By kwadkenstine on Nov 05, 2020

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Once again , Pollishing poop.
Thistime i have had to use 6 individual motor outputs , d shot 300 and rpm filtering.
All because of yaw.
Y Y6 Cause i dont got 8.
Any who It flies HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
I dont really know how well yet , but it seems to work quite well. I thought i would post before i smash it. The old 35mm camera is just for show , I would not dream of risking it, .
Ok so , Ive flowwn it 5 times crashed it 4.
Majior problem was i didnt tighten the prop nuts enough so when it came lose or i clipped a stick down she went.
Counter rotating props is the only way this thing will yaw.
But it will not fly if a motor goes down.
Flight times 2x4s 1300mah in parralell 10-12minuts crusing. without extra camera,
Motors 2306 2700kv .
Props dal 6 inch foldies.
Still needs a little tuning but so far it feels like it will be a good flier and some testing will tell me what sort of extra mass it can carry then go looking for a camera.
Also the camera mount is a work in progress , but it seems to work but still needs tweaking.
Will update soon



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BUDLoNG   Jan 27, 2022  

what pins are you remapping for the other two motors on your FC? LED and ...? Im trying to figure out how to step up my Y4 :)

kwadkenstine   Jan 28, 2022 

Hi , I am not sure if i understand . the y6 and y4 are in the setup config . . no need for re mapping unless you want 6 outputs and only have 4, some outputs can be remapped but some wont work with d shot .

BUDLoNG   Jan 28, 2022 

i'm thinking of trying a Y6 but i am unclear on how you wire the two extra esc's to the FC. I have the same Jhemchu FC as this build..... motor #5 esc can be remapped to the LED pin, but what other pin besides the LED pin can be remapped to control the motor #6 esc?

kwadkenstine   Jan 28, 2022 

Hi you might be stuck with sing one shot 125 , because while some urts can be re mapped not all support d shot ,
but if you go to the cli and type resource (use correct spelling , i cant spell ) and enter , a list of all outputs and urts pops up , you should see the motor resources and such , use the ones with similar , I think there is a timer or sometting attached to the motor out put and the led output , there may be others ,
But i used a omnibus f4 with 6 motor outputs,
You wish to convert y4 to y6,
run the front motors on each arm in the same direction from the same output,
2 motors from motor out 2 and 2 motors from output 4 ,
Have fun

kwadkenstine   Nov 16, 2020  

Ok Got back from vac and did some testing.
This thing is a fail
Dont get me wrong , It flies just fine . i found myself carving it up pretty good as soon as i was in the air.
The problem is the counter rotating propeller config.
It has to be done that way because of yaw and only having 3 arms.
But if for any reason a motor or prop stops playing , instant death roll.
No chance of recovery . Down you go.
So while it works well. shrinks the hex footprint . packs a heap of lifting power and sounds evil.
I will not be playing with this config again . also on the same note. X8 octos running counter rotating props suffer the same fate. but worse.
Drop a prop or a esc or motor and try and yaw . DEATH ROLL ALL DAY. I say worse because you may not know there is a problem untill you yaw. Then good night Alice.

recon   Nov 06, 2020  

Would you please PM me your plug's info. I need to be smoking that stuff.

kwadkenstine   Nov 06, 2020 

Hi. sure thing but exactly what do you want info on .

kwadkenstine   Nov 07, 2020 

Ha Ha Ha !!! I so dumb

Jayembee67   Nov 05, 2020  

Not a 'hex' hex then, I stand corrected! Interesting that you have both the top motors at the front spinning the same way, is this a Y6 thing, or a personal choice? I mean, the torque is cancelled regardless, I suppose...

I had all sorts of control issues with a Y4 machine when I had the top rear motor spinning clockwise, you may recall, but when I switched to CCW for the top motor, suddenly it worked. Did you have any problems like that?

But regardless, another excellent flying machine. Flight video coming, I hope...?!

kwadkenstine   Nov 05, 2020 

Hi I just set it up as in bf and it worked .
Aside from a few teething problems and a low p-d balance wobble , I will be interested to see what it can carry .
The Catsastraffical concequences of the counter centroidal circulating circumstance of the conveyence creating cavitation creator causing A CRASH.
Is something i still do not care crumbs for.(poor spelling for effect)
While i havent flown it much , it feels solid, I mean it doesnt balloon in corners There is no floaty boaty about , its all business , Hovers at a respectable 25% T and has a good cruising speed. feels grunty.
Will try to post FF before i scoot off on holls. Hope to get some starwars speeder footage in the tall timber down south and the coast is nice too.
Going on a 2000km+ road trip holliday all because the feds require the specalist to see me before signing the check
Counter rotating props is what i want to test with this, So far i will be keeping my x8s as 8 motor quads.
Cheers and thanks

Jayembee67   Nov 06, 2020 

That's what I did with mine, BF defaults, except mine didn't work - but then mine was a Y4, I suppose...

And great, yes, the doubled-up motors are quite the thing, and the contra-rotators are very grippy in the corners, that's for sure. Oh, and please do, Forest Moon of Endor footage is my absolute favourite (I played a LOT of Deathchase on the ZX Spectrum in the distant days of my youth). That I shall very much look forward to!

Ugh, yes, well, when you live in such a vast place I suppose - where I grew up you couldn't really travel for 200km in any direction before you fell into the sea. And 'nice to see' that bureaucracies are as bone-headed over there as here when it comes to matters of health. Gives you a warm glow... of gently bubbling annoyance. :-(

Best of luck with is all, if nothing else a change of scene would be good - I am somewhat tired of the island I live on after 9 months of not really leaving it. And post lots of video. :)

Elesar   Nov 05, 2020  

Love that high definition top camera!
A lot of work there congratulations!

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