NewBeeDrone SavageBee - Updated Jan 2021 - XT30

By outcastfpv on Nov 03, 2020

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SavageBee 3" Frame, BeeBrainBL V2, Flow Motors 1202 11420Kv, Gemfan 3018 Props

There isn't really much to say for this build, its pretty straight forward. There are motor plugs on this flight controller but the motor plugs from the Flow motors dont fit them. The only soldering is the Motors and the included capacitor if you want to add it. The canopy was a little awkward to assemble though, as there is a retention holder that goes around the bottom of the BeeEye Camera and then it screws into the canopy to hold the camera in place. I cut the leads a little long on the capacitor as i wasnt even going to fit it but the soldering iron was hot so i just basically test fitted it there for now.

Upon completing the build i have some issues. I had no video out for some reason, i discovered why, it was just that i cannot use the Fatshark Band, which i always use (CH6 5840mhz), but i can select others, so for testing i just set the vtx settings to Raceband (5843mhz) for now.

The only batteries i have for this are GNB 3.8v 260mAh with no more than 3 or 4 cycles on them (which work perfectly on a Mobula 7 even in 1S and 2S configurations), but there seems to be a problem with them on this build. My first hover line of sight the flight controller just reset around half throttle within a few seconds, There seems to be a massive load put on the battery and it drops to below 3.00v within seconds of flight. I expected a much shorter flight time with the 260mAh but nothing like this. Typically 300mAh is whats ideal for this and 450mAh /500mAh if you want more flight time.

I held it in my hand in angle mode with a fresh charge and just played with the throttle while looking into my goggles to see what was happening. You can see the battery recovers its voltage though after each break from the throttle. So cant be a massive current loss from a defect. its behaving exactly like the battery just isnt enough, but 260mAh is not that far from the recommended 300mAh. I thought i would get a minute of flight at least with a light punch out or two, While i wait for larger ones to arrive.

I have ordered some 3.8v 300mAh which might be here early next week but i dont imagine there will be much of a difference from the 3.8v 260mAh versions. I have also ordered some 3.8v 520mAh 13gram packs but they will take forever from china.

The 300mAh packs arrived sooner than i expected, i just charged and got a flight before it got too dark to fly

I still cannot use the Fatshark Band and this onboard 25mW vtx has to have the poorest range i have ever seen, It must be defective.

Mobula 6 vtx range test clip (And the Mobula 6 doesnt even have a proper vtx antenna, its just some copper wire soldered on)

I also found a local source for some 3.8v 350mAh, 3.8v 450mAh, 3.8v 520mAh and even 3.8v 650mAh. I ordered 2x of each and they should be here by Tuesday 10th Nov

Batteries arrived but weather is terrible unfortunately. Updated photos on the scale for now.

According to my cheap digital scale:
Dry Weight: 39.1 grams
Flight Weight: 46 grams (w/ 3.8v GNB 260mAh Battery) Not Usable
46.4 grams (w/ 3.8v GNB 300mAh Battery)
47.5 grams (w/ 3.8v GNB 350mAh Battery)
51.7 grams (w/ 3.8v GNB 460mAh Battery)
52.4 grams (w/ 3.8v GNB 520mAh Battery)
53.3 grams (w/ 3.8v GNB 650mAh Battery)

The weather cleared up enough to attempt to fly on Sunday, but i only had time to try the 520mAh and 650mAh, After each flight i land and wait to disarm to wait a reasonable amount of time to let the lipo recover. Also you can see the breeze conditions in the plant just outside the door at this point also. This can not handle even a slight breeze though.

GNB 3.8v 520mAh 80C:

GNB 3.8v 650mAh 60C:

Update 3: XT-30 Upgrade

Since it performs so poorly due to voltage sag and im tired of seeing that low voltage message so early and often i decided to modify some of the batteries, specifically the GNB 3.8v 520mAh and 650mAh size to XT30. I didnt cut the PH2.0 off as i have no way to re-crimp PH2.0 if i wanted to go back so i added an extra lead. I thought about removing the PH2.0 due to weight but thought i'd keep if just to see and its handy for charging (i have loads of PH2.0 parrallel boards). It also handy to check battery voltage with an iSDT BC-8S

From the new images i uploaded you can see I had some XT30 F connectors of varying weights; 0.5g, 0.7g, 0.8g, 1.0g so went with the lightest 0.5gram. I only had one type of M XT-30 connector which was 1.0g, I couldn't use the male 0.5g XT-30 counterpart of the female one because it was PCB mount which is awkward to solder a wire to since the solder points are not hollow but solid.

I made up a new longer XT30 lead for the Savagebee as test fitting the battery required more slack since the XT30 is a lot bulkier and i left the leads so short on the batteries.

I have to add at least 3 Parts in the parts list to publish, so i added some typical batteries you will want to use, Everything you need is included in the 1x SavageBee Kit, even includes 8 props!



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terrysahaidak   Jan 31, 2021  

Ive been messing around with babytooth formula for a while now and can suggest few things:
flash BlHeli_M firmware
try emfluight with toothpick 1s preset
solder motors directly, it really gives 15-20% increase in power
also i use bt2.0 connector, want to try xt30 thought

terrysahaidak   Jan 31, 2021 

on BlHel_M use 48khz, it gives extra minute of flight

on my 450mah i was able to fly around for almost 6 minutes

that's on 37-38g build running 1303 11000kv motors

outcastfpv   Feb 02, 2021 

Thanks, but the motors are soldered directly and im already using an XT30 plug

outcastfpv   Jan 21, 2021  

PH2.0 and XT30 650mAh flight comparison uploaded

outcastfpv   Jan 09, 2021  

Updated with XT30, will get around to flying it soon and uploading some flight videos of the modified 520mAh and 650mAh size lipo's

Jodie Froster   Nov 04, 2020  

My first thought is you need a bigger battery, but after watching your dvr I have the opposite conclusion from yours. I wonder if you have a short somewhere.

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outcastfpv   Nov 06, 2020 

300's arrived, definitely the batteries, just posted my first fpv flight with it, its terrible though.

Jodie Froster   Nov 07, 2020 

That's not much of an upgrade, smallest increment you could go up by. If the one that's a COMPLETE fail is too small, maybe go up more than 1 size. Try a 400, or a 550. Maybe even a 600.

outcastfpv   Nov 07, 2020 

I updated my the page with just that about 13 hours ago, it is at the bottom of the page though under the last video probably a little out of sight

DrewFPV   Nov 04, 2020  

Albert Kim said he got short flight times as well. Kind of disappointing since NewBeeDrone makes such high quality stuff.

outcastfpv   Nov 05, 2020 

Yep, just watched nick burns video, this power system is too much, the battery sag was apparent and he wasnt even pushing it. seems a high C 500mAh is in order. PH2.0 seems like a very bad match for this. Just to experiment when the 520mAh arrive i may cut the PH2.0 off one and try an XT30 plug altogether if im still unhappy with performance

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