Cidora SL5 Build

By noscript on Oct 08, 2020

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This is my first proper FPV build. I think the build came together very nicely and I'm pretty happy with it!

As you can see on the first picture, the Antennas from the XM+ reciver where sticking out of the back. I had some troubles with signal strenght and I've changed to the more popular style of having the antennas on zip ties mounted to the arms.
I would prefer to mount the Zip ties in the oposite direction (from the front arms) but the XM+ Antennas where to short to place it properly there.
Anyways I did not have issues with it.

I've printed and added the following GoPro Mount for my GoPro Hero 7 Black:

I'ts a bit difficult to mount because the screws on the back don't get in that well but it works.

Finally the upgrade to a TBS Crossfire System!!! I wanted to try the XM+ first but I noticed that it's pretty limited... so I changed to a TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 Transmitter and a TBS
The RUSH TANK V2 VTX is also more than enough power for long range flying but I still have to do a little bit more testing.

The Crossfire System allowes me to use telemtry data on my radio. I setup an audio warning when my battery voltage drops below 3.5V. This helps managing the battry better than you think ;-)
I did some tests regarding the power consumtion. For this build the 45A ESC is more than enough!! My highes peaks where 70-80A on 100% throttle. If you divide this by 4 you will get peaks of 20-30A which is well within the specs.

With a finder/buzzer and a GPS it's ready for some long range tests.
Today I tested about 2km in rainy weather conditions without any problems. Next time I need another spot.

This Build has Betaflight Firmware, Camera Control over UART (RunCam Phoenix 2 JB Edition) and a Smartaudio VTX.
This means you can adjust all the BF, Camera and VTX Settings via Radio directly through your OSD. For example set a new VTX Channel.


Part List


IFlight Cidora SL5 V2 223mm 5 zoll Squish X FPV Freestyle Rahmen mit 5mm arm kompatibel XING X2207 motor/5 zoll prop für FPV dr

Flight Controller

Foxeer F722 V2 Flight Controller (2 builds)


30.5x30.5mm T-motor PACER V45A 45A 3-6S BLheli_32 4In1 Brushless ESC DShot1200 w/ 10V BEC Output for 170-450mm RC Drone FPV Raci (2 builds)


4 x iFlight XING-E 2306 1700KV 3-6S / 2450KV 2750KV 2-4S Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing


10Pairs Dalprop Cyclone T5045C Pro 5Inch Propellers Unbreakable 3-Bladed for FFPV Racing RC Drone

FPV Camera

RunCam Phoenix 2 (45 builds)

FPV Transmitter

RUSH TANK II V2 5,8G 48CH Raceband PIT/25 800mW Umschaltbar 2 8S VTX für RC FPV Racing Freestyle Nazgul5 Tyro129


1 paar 2 stücke Rush Kirsche FPV 5,8G Antenne RHCP SMA SMA JW MMCX J MMCX JW Racing 3 Stecker Adapter FPV quadcopter Racing Dro




3 x Sway-FPV (22.20V, 1150mAh)

3D Printed

Mix Farbe URUAV 3D Gedruckt BN 220 GPS Modul Schutz Fall Für FPV Racing Drone RC Multirotor Ersatzteil DIY Zubehör

HD Camera

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camera (102 builds)

Misc Parts

Beitian Dual BN 220 BN220 GPS GLONASS Antenne Modul M8030 TTL Level Für RC Racing FPV Drone Flugzeug Hubschrauber Quadcopter (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Finder JHE42B JHE42B_S JHE20B 5V Super Laute Summer Tracker 110dB mit LED Summer Alarm Für FPV Racing Drone Flug controller (2 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 (154 builds)

Battery Charger

iSDT 608AC Smart Battery Charger AC 50W DC 200W 8A w/ Detachable Power Supply (25 builds)
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Soldering Iron

WS 81 Lötstation, Set


iFlight M3 M5 Screw Wrench Spanner Quick Release Propeller Motor Tool for RC Drone FPV Racing


PRVKE Series
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ArugulaFPV   Oct 11, 2020  

Nice build! I am also looking at this frame for it's lightness and space. Have you maybe checked, can it fit 5.1" props?

noscript   Oct 12, 2020 

First if you want a lighter frame, maybe also check the Iflight xl5 Frame. It's almost the same but with a smaller tail and with it also less space for your VTX/Reciver :) I like the SL5 more because I can mount the VTX on a single Stack.
I have not checked it but with the Cyclone Props I have about 3.5mm space between the blade and the risers so I guess it will not fit 5.1" :/

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