Hachiro (Shendrones Big Baby X8)

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Oct 09, 2020

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Thanks to @Jayembee67 I got the wiring right on the first try!

Quite a soldering horror show though. I would much rather use 14 awg wires for a battery lead that goes through two escs, with 12 awg I struggled. But I have no patience to wait another two days for some 14 awg wires, it would be much eaiser to solder 4 battery pads on two 14awg wires.

I picked the Lumenier Lux F7 for 8 dshot output, so I just used full size ESC for simplicity. However, with 30x30 it became a very tight on the side. The rear props are pretty close to the motor wires because the cluster of 8 wires on each side. But there seem to be just enough clearance for a bent prop.

The Caddx Vista antenna is pretty awkward here because if I use the tpu antenna mount on the side, the single vista antenna would be pretty much blocked by the battery and the gopro. Stick it out from the back, the stock antenna length is barely enough, and it ended up getting cramped between the carbon and the standoff. Would recommend picking up a 87mm upgrade antenna if you are going to use vista.

I can't think of a way for an immortal T not getting chopped without printed parts, maaaaybe behind the gopro mount but still looks iffy. Minimortal T would be nice here.

AUW with a 6s 1000mah is 678g. (I love RDQ but they advertise these batteries as 185g, yet two packs I got are 196g and 197g, which are only 10g lighter than a CNHL black 1100mah 6s), need to order some 6s 850mah to shave another 30g or so.

This frame is awesome, as all Shendrones frames. The motor mount solution is simply elegant. Plenty of space to fit in a whole bunch of stuff.

By the way, I'm not running 8 bi-directional dshot, FOR NOW. I'm scared.




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adv.andrei   Aug 04, 2023  

hi, where did you get the stl for the landing gear?

mrwoods79   Jul 29, 2021  

do you still have the pids for this??

Shadi   Mar 29, 2021  

great work.

I'm trying to get an the parts gathered.

but i never built a drone before. it possible to have a video detailing the steps and wiring, and setting up betaflight and blheli configuration.

it just written steps if video is not possible.

will be a great tutorial on how to build it.

but work love to have the instructions also if want to go alalog, ir even set up with shark byte system.

this will help me do much.

p.s. i couldn't find anywhere where i could buy a ore built one. if you know where i can buy one in also interested.

thank you!

Wurzel1972   Nov 08, 2020  

Looks a nice build. Do you have any BF settings you can show. I have the same stack and am getting issues where the motors spin up to max with min throttle. Any screen shots would be very handy.


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SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Nov 10, 2020 

Without props on the motors will spin to the max given any throttles because FC is trying to compensate the lack of thrust, but with props on there could be several possible causes from both hardware and software sides and I'm not too sure about your particular situation with the information I have. And I have personally never encountered this problem from various brands of electronics. Maybe someone else sees this could help out.

Wurzel1972   Nov 11, 2020 

Yeah, people have said this happens with the props off and I can understand why. Thanks for the reply.

Wurzel1972   Nov 16, 2020 

SlightlyScratchedCorolla, I checked it on the weekend and it works perfectly. Being new to this I didn't know thats what happens. Thanks for your help.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 17, 2020  

Nice build! This year was kinda devoted to a Thicc and Big Baby for me, and of course the situation made that pretty hard, but... are these X8's not just completely worth the extra money, headaches, and of course wiring? I can't believe how fantastic my stock tune was (is... because I never had to adjust anything). I wonder what Andy will bring next. I know I'd do a 4".

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Oct 17, 2020 

Haha I completely agree with you. Honestly I'm willing to try anything x8 under 5", the footprint/power ratio is just awesome. Though I suspect it's gonna be extremely hard on the battery. I love how substantial yet under control the power is on this 3" x8, if there's one drawback I've noticed after flying it for week is boy is power huuungry.

That being said, I'm already working on a second big baby... I need (narrator: no he doesn't) two micro x8s, just to see with different components how consistent this platform will be (narrator: it's probably gonna be pretty consistent).

Jayembee67   Oct 11, 2020  

And there is it! Nice! Very tidy work. And yes, when you have a machine that is basically a ball of props, finding places to mount antennas away from those props becomes tricky. :-)

Glad that it all worked out. Any flight footage to share?

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Jayembee67   Oct 11, 2020 

Yes! Aren't these machines interesting? I built a 6" X8 purely as an experiment, kind of liked it and built an 8" X8, which was pretty amazing. And the 3" X8 was almost a technical dare - I really didn't expect that much, especially after watching Nurk fly the Big Baby. But, damn, the 3" X8 is just excellent.

And I am absolutely there with you. I went from "This was a fun project, and it might even fly" to "Holy heck, this is the best!!" very quickly. Plus that noise! And I too already have a couple of frames bought for building another 3" X8 - a way better flying robot than expected, and all sorts of fun!

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Oct 11, 2020 

If we ignore the expensive price and a little more time soldering, this thing is definitely a viable alternative for 5" with a little more versatility. It reminds me of my expectation for a "drone" when I first got into flying - you can zig zag through a bunch of gaps smoothly and one punch out you are up high, with a HD cam capturing footage. 5" isnt too good at the gaps part, cinewhoop bad at the punch out part and 3" sucks at the HD cam part.

Andy Shen even put out a 2" x8 frame smol baby, and I feel like I'm staring at a bottom-less hole in my wallet.

Jayembee67   Oct 12, 2020 

Yes, and so it goes... But you can't take it with you, and food and rent are only necessary sometimes, right...? ;-)

Nikotttin   Oct 11, 2020  

How do you wire this thing? 2 X ESCs but after that? Do you need a power distribution board?
Thank you!

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Oct 11, 2020 

No PDB needed! Wire the first ESC as usual, for the second ESC, connect only the 4 motor signal wires and a ground wire to the FC. After that it's just betaflight and blheli configuration: selecting Octo-X8 in stead of Quad X in the mixer drop down menu, and make sure the coaxial motors are spinning correctly.

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