Winter is coming

By Nikotttin on Sep 10, 2020

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Cold and rain is almost upon us... and the FPV gods hold me with their tight fit! Here's my hope for survival...
My wish was: (1) power on 2S (2) still small and nimble (3) whoop for indoor (4) light-ish.

I went for an 85mm whoop. The whoop frame in this size is very strong and supports abuse. I used the infamous BeeBrain V2 camera mount with the Runcam Nano v3 (1st edition) and a nano Eachine VTX (v2 - without the microphone). The Play F4 FC is really good. It's been repurposed from other builds and it just works. It does not have a SPI_X receiver... and I thus added a FRSKY XM. Works well enough. Note that I added an antena tube to straighten the xm antenna. I could have gone for some zip ties, but also wanted a cleaner look :) Is that an error? Maybe... The VTX and the XM antennas shift the CG toward the back. If I mount the batery straight below, the quad is rear heavy. It stops on a dime though. If I move the battery a little toward the front (by adding the ballance lead in the battery strap) then it picks up on speed and become a neat little racer :)

Motor wise, these are the 11,000 kv 1103s from betaFPV (had a good deal!). I'm a bit disappointed I have to admit. I wanted something more "peppy"... I tried some 2'' Gemfan and the current Kingkong 1935. I haven't flown many back-to-back packs, but first feel is not too much difference. I also have some hulkies to tryout. Note that these 1103 have no holes to screw in the props. I thus had to floss ;-)

I'm using jESC and betaflight 4.2.2. The PIDs and filter settings are those coming from the tuning video from Quad66 (THANK YOU!).

Final words: I need to get used to it. I've only flown a few packs. For indoor, it's likely going to have enough power to pull that matty... But for flying outdoors, I'll stick with the toothpicks, thank you :)

Here's the maiden:



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Mafaku   Sep 11, 2020  

Nice - I've got a set of those same motors and was thinking of building an 85mm 2s whoop like what you did. I would try the Emax Avan 2x2.5x4 props - I use those on a 10000kv 2s micro yard flier (not a whoop) after trying a bunch of props...they're really good IMO.

Nikotttin   Sep 12, 2020 

Alright you just selected the next props to try... That said I want to get rid of these 1935. They're brittle...

Nikotttin   Sep 12, 2020

That's how I selected the Avan 😉

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