By BUDLoNG on Aug 31, 2020

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This my first 2.5 build
I initially was going to use a whoop style fc and a whoop adapter sled for the vtx and rx. The adapter sled is super clean and I had it all set up and ready to but unfortunatly I burnt out the NAMELESSRC AIO412T (FC+ESC AIO) board... something along the #3motor side smoked and it not longer powers up with usb or battery :( I am hopeful to fix it so I can make another build soon.

A friend (that got me into drones) gave me this nano mambo stack out of sympathy and his lack of desire to solder these tiny pads :) Bad ass!
The rx is stuffed behind the camera, the capacitor is under the power cable snuggled into the bottom hole in the frame, and the vtx is on the top of the stack in a sled. On top of all of that i have a 3led stript that I heat shrunk and then cut out holes for the light diodes to shine through...if only i had clear heat shrink in small sizes.

I spent a few weeks assemblying, disassbemling, solder, re soldering, etc.... The last few days were troubleshooting. Word to the wise.. if betaflight is showing your receiver and controller working correctly, but when you unplug and try to fly in real life your quad does not fly right.... its most likely not a software issue, check your prop orientations :P

During my final assembly I tore the vtx antenna out of the UFL connector... I can fix this, but that aint gonna happen anytime soon. So i put the stock tbs vtx antenna back on.

I have only built and flown pusher whoops in the past. After working on my first TH2, and then rebuilding it, and then building my own whoop from parts, I decided to build my own puller 2-3s. The satisfaction of building something from the ground up and then flying it is immense satisfying.

Compared to my whoops.. there is no comparison... Everything has been turned up to 11... speed, agility, power, flight time...
if I had to give one complaint, it would be open blades and indoor flying don't mix so well. If your props touch anything, you are crashing. And those crashes are not like whoops soft bounce... loud THUDs...

I love flying but I realize I love building just as much. I want to thank my friend Max for getting into this amazing hobby / sport.



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wmcewan   May 02, 2021  

did you do anything special to isolate the VTX once it was in the sled? I can't seem to find gummies small enough to fit. did you just use the rubber washers? and did you use steel screws and nuts?

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wmcewan   May 02, 2021 

Cool - thanks!
W/o the spacers and with an aluminum nut, I seem to have shorted something.

Madcatmike3d   Aug 15, 2021 

I've been building my micros with white nylon m2x20mm screws for the stack. They're on amazon pretty cheap. They don't conduct electricity, and they don't break. You can bend them in half, and they spring back. Plus, you can build your stack to the height you want it, then snip the rest off, above the plastic nuts.

BUDLoNG   Aug 15, 2021 

ill give that a whirl :)

saahbs   Sep 11, 2020  

What is the all up weight? Also +1 to the weight comment, 10g on a 120g build feels significant in flight.

Ikuiku   Aug 31, 2020  

3in and below are really weight sensitive. If you shorten some of the wires and use smaller gauge wires for the rear motors, you can loose quite a few grams. Every gram counts and you will be surprised how much better it performs. Welcome to the hobby :)

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