frankenHawk (pusher)

By BUDLoNG on Aug 27, 2020

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This is my first build. I call this a build because I had to take the entier thing apart, buy new parts, and assemble back to functionality to the specs in my head.
After the vtx took a dump I decided to try to repair things myself. With limited tools and experience I disassembled the entire bird. I replaced the vtx with an AKK nano vtx. I basically heat shrunk it ( I only had black at the time) and 3m sticky taped it to the fc. I rerouted the akk antenna and since its super rigid, i didn't need a zip tie to keep it out of the props.
I removed and added a fresh rx antenna and ziped it up to keep it out of the way

During my attempts at removing the motor plugs for weight savings and to fit the new vtx, I burnt out one of the escs :( Fortunately it was only one.
To get around this single busted esc I bought an external esc and wired it up. I found very limited choices for 1-2s esc. The was no room inside... so i just taped / ziptied it to the hull.

In BF re-routed the motor signal from motor2 to the ledstrip pin through resource mapping, wired the motor to the ledstrip pad and the power and ground. To my shock and delight.... it was successful. The is only one pin from what I can tell, you can do the motor swap to. So this is a one time fix.
This little bad boy is not as nimble as he once was, but seems to have the same flight time. The parts I added ( akk nano, heat shrink, 3m sticky tape, DYS XSD7A esc, wire) is slightly more weight than what I removed (vtx board, motor plugs, header pins). I balance it out the offset weight on the right by shifting the battery further to the left ;)
I know I can save some weight if I shorten wire and balance more by reorganizing components. I am just waiting for a failure to justify opening him back up. The worst is when something works, and you try to make a change that breaks it. I'll wait til it breaks first :)



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DrMacca   Sep 03, 2020  

For a first build that's a tricky one - great job MacGyver-ing a solution! 👍👍👍 The great thing about working with micros to start off with is that if/when you ever start to work on larger builds you'll laugh at how much easier, by comparison, it is (or at least I did).

kirkdis   Nov 10, 2020 

confirm. started years ago with big setups and now fiddling around with my 3inch setups for 4 years already...

Carbonglassman   Sep 27, 2020  

I wish I could find that ESC in stock somewhere. I just blew an esc on my Tinyhawk2.

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