Sanchez Air Vista 3" at 77gr dry

By Elesar on Aug 26, 2020

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Hi to this awesome community! First post build here.

This buld is very similar to thanks to Samw85! but using latest Sanchez Air frame thanks to David_C!! It is intended for analog set-up but I could not resist to give a try with Vista.

Canopy thanks to BludzFPV! It is a prototype I recommend to increase the thickness on the laterals as it is quite tight and during the asembly I broken accidentally one side...being in TPU with the solder I fuse it and restored :-)

Build is very simple as just fit the vista with the camera into the canopy, solder motors and vista conections and use 3 bolts M1.6 to fit both parts toguether

Just finished footage will follow



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tinexd   Jan 20, 2022  
MadVultureFPV   Jul 27, 2021  

hey can you share your BF dump?

Elesar   Jul 29, 2021 

hey, here they are,
Roll 48, 45, 26
Pitch: 52, 50, 28
Yaw: 65, 45
TPA: 0.50, Breakpoint: 1310

Recommended rates:
Set all Feed forward to zero
Roll: 0.99, 0.64, 0
Pitch: 0.99, 0.64, 0
Yaw: 0.99, 0.64, 0
just the ones indicated in the tp3 frame of the fpvcyle webpage.
I feel really focus flying dose pids.
happy flying

QCumberCool   Aug 28, 2020  

wow thats impressive! smallest dji build ive seen. excited to see the video!

Elesar   Aug 29, 2020 

Thanks! Did not have the chance yet as I started to work. Excited to get first flight!

Elesar   Oct 30, 2020 

Hi, I took too long sorry...her iis the video

Bludz   Sep 20, 2020  

Thanks for sharing your build using my mount. Very cool to see so many people enjoying it.

Elesar   Sep 22, 2020 

Thanks to you for sharing your mount!

Lukasyus   Sep 05, 2020  

Amazing! How does it fly with your combination of 1202.5 motors and 2s battery? Does it have enough power? The kv seems a bit low for 2s, no? Also, how is durability? I would be very afraid of crashing with that super thin frame, haha. Here is my WIP build for comparison: 1204s on 3s with a sturdy 3mm frame.

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Elesar   Sep 06, 2020 

Good to hear yours flies well. I have no jello except at 4s with sharp turns. I used m1.6 bolts up to the upper part of the vista. Seems that canopy is not stiff enough. I will order 3016 to test them thanks!!. Thanks for the video and canopy link!! I was not aware of Bludz! he noted the same reinforced haha!. I get around 4.5 min on 2s 450 with light acro. If i push I go up to 3min. 1404 is perfect for racing looking the video!! I think the more equilibrate motor maybe could be 1204 or 1303 at 3s. Depends on the pilot...for me I prefer more relax flying and 1202.5 are let say lower limit...but versatile as can carry from 2s to 4s. Cheers!!

Elesar   Sep 07, 2020 

I update the right props, 3" 3018 in the

Lukasyus   Sep 07, 2020 

I noticed the oscillations and jello only happen if I use a big battery (750mah 3s) and press-fit my props (no screws). So I'll try screwing my props next time I go fly. 1404 motors are way too big and too heavy for this kind of light build in my opinion, except if you want to race. 1303s should be a great fit, but they are still almost 2g heavier than the 1202.5s! So you would add 8 grams to the build... I want to test the following combination next: 1202.5 5800kv, 550mah 2s/3s, and possibly a lighter frame (my current one weighs 12g...)

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